Assitive Technology Lab

Most impressive work. Students will also be very keen to do such good work.       Dr. Atul Negi, University of Hyderabad
Thank you for hosting the TI India Analog Design Contest 2010 Award Ceremony at BVRIT campus. We appreciate your proactive help. Congratulations to the winner of BVRIt and SVES.       Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar, Technical Director of University Relations, Texas Instruments
Very impressive set of technologies being developed. Keep it up, taking it to the markets, creating ventures.       Prof. Santosh Pande, Georgin Tech
The institute has created a good environment for the process of learning and probably. I will also provide some design ideas to be taken up by the students. I'm fortunate to visit this facility       Dr. T. C. Sarma, Former ISRO Scientist, Cheif R& D, Areca