Faculty Speaks

K.Bhima( IT Department, BVRIT)

I have Recently joined in BVRIT.I am working as a coordinator for the programs and workshops conducted under this IBM COE .Recently i certified with DB2 certification. I am very happy to work here which is not only giving good opportunity to me but also helping in improving my skills.

Md.Afzal(IT Department,BVRIT)

I glad inform to you the experience in IBMCOE the workshops and programs conducted by it are very much innovative. They helped me alot in gaining knowledge and it is a good experience in my life.I also certified with DB2 certification.

G.Haricharan Sharma( (IT Department,BVRIT)

I am happy to share my experience about IBMCOE , The programs and workshops conducted by IBMCOE are worthfull , I gained so much of knowledge and experience by working as a coordinator for various programs.I certified by IBM people with various certificates.