Student Speaks

G. Aarthi (08211A1201)
TGMC provides an opportunity to become a Blue Scholar by having any two certifications of IBM and your project must be submitted in TGMC. With Blue Scholar tag your chances of getting recruited in India's top software company including IBM increases. So participate in various activities of IBM including TGMC and get the Blue Scholar tag.

G. Mounika (08211A1233)
I could not believe my eyes when I saw IBM's "Center of Excellence" on my very first day on the campus, while we were taken for a round tour of campus. On that day itself, I made up my mind that this (IBM) should be my destination. I worked very hard on my basics and communication skills to become COE's campus ambassador. I am really proud to be IBM's IT evangelist on the campus which gives me a chance to interact with IBM, my teachers and my batch mates to spread IT education.