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Welcome to BVRITN

Sri V. V. Lakshmi Narayana

lakshmi narayanaHe came, He saw, He conquered. That was what happened on 3rd of July, 2013 when former Joint Director, CBI Sri V V Lakshmi Narayana garu visited BVRIT Narsapur. BVRIT is honored to have him for an enlightening session. The auditorium was packed with the students, teachers, members from media and other distinguished dignitaries.

The program  started with Lighting of Lamp by V V Lakshmi Narayana garu. Our Honorable Chairman Sri K V Vishnu Raju garu, briefed about Sri Vishnu Educational Society's glorious history of 17 years and its various activities.  The audience enjoyed V V Lakshmi Narayana garu motivating speech as an unforgettable experience of their life. His speech was centered around the moral values in life and their significance from the point of personal, social and spiritual development. According to him, “Values, morals and ethics are inextricably tied together. Values are what we learn from childhood; the traits we acquired from our parents and immediate surroundings. Values are the motive power behind purposeful action”

About spirituality, Lakshmi Narayana garu says, “Spirituality can help us become better human beings if we follow the general moral codes with devotion.It prepares our body and mind, to receive God's inspiration. It also transforms our thinking, speech, and our actions that form virtuous habits that determine our moral character. One cannot be spiritual with out good character”. He received a standing ovation at the end of his 45-minute speech which proved that he indeed has touched the young India. He also invited students for questions and replied aplomb with his unique way to the satisfaction of all.

During his sojourn, he also visited the Centres of Excellence at BVRIT and Padmabhushan Dr B V Raju Knowledge Center.