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Welcome to BVRITN

Department Placements

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 S.NO COMPANY No. of students placed


Student Activities and Achievements

Industry Visits

S.No Batch Year/Sem Industry visited
1 2015 II B.Tech II-Sem Ganesh sugar factory, Sanga Reddy
2 III B.Tech I-Sem Vizag Steel Plant
3 Granules india, Vizag
4 III B.Tech II-Sem Surya Industrial Equipments, Jeedimetla

 DSC04788 1


S.No Batch Year/Sem Industry visited
2016 III B.Tech I-Sem MAKSON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED, Annaram, Airforce academy
III B.Tech I Sem ITC Bhadrachalam
3 III B.Tech II Sem KTPS  Bhadrachalam

 DSC04788 1


S.No YEAR Name of the company Nature of Internship No of Students
 1     2017       Sai Life Sciences, Bedhar  Pharma Products manufacturing 2
 2 Granules India Limited, Jeedimetla API Manufacturing Unit 3
 3 Granules India Limited, Bonthapally API Manufacturing Unit 3
 4 Aurobindo Pharma Ltd Pharma Products Manufacturing 2
 5 Hetero Drugs Pharma Products Manufacturing 6
 6 Everest Organic Ltd API Manufacturing Unit 5
7 2018 Aurobindo Pharma Ltd Unit-1 Pharma Products Manufacturing 3
8 Aurobindo Pharma Ltd Unit - 3 Pharma Products Manufacturing 4


Granules india internship photo Everst oragincs
Arbindo internship photo  image 64834412
image 6483441 4

Conferences attended and Presentations

S.No Name of the student Topic Conference / Presentations Venue
 1 J.Yaswant Biosensors: A Novel Method For Detection Of Food Pathogens AUSHADH 2K17 VIPER, Narsapur, 25th March, 2017
P.Tejaswini Reddy
S.Mayukha Reddy
 2 P Vamshi Novel gel formulation of Potash Alum : Invitro & in Vivo Evaluation AUSHADH 2K17 VIPER, Narsapur, 25th March, 2017
B Vamshi
 3 Lokeshwar Three Parent Baby AUSHADH 2K17 VIPER, Narsapur, 25th March, 2017
Vijay Kumar
 4 E.Nikhitha Pharmacoeconomics in Indian Scenario; Evaluation Techniques & Its importance AUSHADH 2K17 VIPER, Narsapur, 25th March, 2017
Ch.Anusha Reddy
5 Aishni Zika virus to treat tumors Chemspark 2017 CBIT, 15-16th Sep, 2017
6  Sanjana Membrane filterations   Chemspark 2017 CBIT, 15-16th Sep, 2017 
7 Harish Overview on waste management in India Chemspark 2017 CBIT, 15-16th Sep, 2017
Aravind Reddy
8 Faizal Detection of food Pathogens using Biosensors S-Chemcon- 2017 NIT Roorkela, 7-8th Oct, 2017
9 Yeshwanth Effluent treatment using photocatalytic nano material S-Chemcon- 2017 NIT Roorkela, 7-8th Oct, 2017
Mayukha Reddy
10 Vamsidher Overview on waste management in India S-Chemcon- 2017 NIT Roorkela, 7-8th Oct, 2017
Sravani Reddy
Bagyalaxmi Bavyasri

Workshops and Student Training

S.No Batch Year/Sem   Workshops/Student training Faculty
1  2015 III B.Tech I-Sem  Chemcad_ Leve-l  Mrs.Archana Rao & Mrs.Dhanalaxmi
2 ILEA VEDIC centre, Aziz Nagar
3 III B.Tech II-Sem Chemcad_ Leve-2 Mrs.Archana Rao & Mrs.Dhanalaxmi
4 Application of theory to process industry for engineers Mr. Vijay Kumar
5 Guest lecture Mr.Ramana Reddy -Sr.General Manager- Hetero Drugs &Mr.K.Krishna Reddy- Asst General ManagerHetero Drugs
6 Matlab_Level-1 Dr.Nandha Kumar and Mr.Mahesh kumar
7 2016 IIB.Tech II-Sem Application of theory to process industry for engineers Mr. Vijay Kumar
8 Guest lecture Mr.Manash Mishra


  1. Anusha Reddy selected as BVRIT-N Kabadi team members to VNR Institute organized Tournament.
  2. MS.Ravali and Anusha won prize on throw ball on BVRIT college annual sport day 2017.
  3. MS.Ravali, MS.Tejaswini and MS.Rajeshwari has won 3rd prize in technical quiz organized by Osmaniya University on 2017 march.




Pharmaceutical - Latest Results

Toppers in IV B.Tech I Sem:

S.No. Hall Ticket No. Student Name CGPA

Toppers in III B.Tech I Sem:

S.No. Hall Ticket No. Student Name CGPA
1 16211A3114 SALLA AISHNI RENU 9.07


Pharmaceutical - Funding Projects

Mrs. P. Archana Rao

  • UGC minor project, Rs 290000/-, “Chemical industry effluent treatment using nano particles.


Pharmaceutical - Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the discipline at the intersection of chemistry, especially synthetic organic chemistry, pharmacology and various other biological specialties where they are involved with design, chemical synthesis and drug development. Students can learn to perform assay techniques, limit tests for organic & inorganic compounds, identify and purify several pharmaceutical ingredients. Studying this allows students to learn fundamentals of basic chemistry and there by synthesis of drugs for several diseases.

Fluid mechanics laboratory deals with fluids and their flows. Pressure variations of compressible fluids when they allowed flowing through various pipes and flow equipment and theoretical demonstration of different laws of fluid mechanics are studied. The laboratory is equipped with Venturimeter, Orifice meter, frictional losses in pipe, Reynolds Apparatus, Centrifugal pump,  Fluidized bed reactor and packed bed reactor, Calibration of Rotameter etc. 

Mechanical Unit Operations laboratory includes the study of solid mechanics, properties of  particulate solid materials, powder processing, transportation and storage of solids. The lab is equipped with Jaw crusher, Roll mill, Ball mill, Hammer mill, Verification of stokes law, Batch sedimentation, Plate and frame filter press. This laboratory allows students to gain knowledge on different kind of mechanical operations, different properties of powders, powder processing, transportation and storage of solids. With this knowledge, they can able to design of different equipments which are useful to Pharmaceutical, Chemical and many other industries 

Microbiology & Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary course. In Microbiology, students gain knowledge on identification, isolation and cultivation of microorganisms which helps in sterility testing and biosafety measures of pharmaceutical products. In biochemistry, students study about building blocks of living organisms like carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids which help in understanding metabolism, gene expression and cell division.

Chemical and physical principles are utilized to study the molecular events underlying the development and design of pharmaceutics and their formulations. Students learn the detailed concepts of physical properties of various materials, correlate theoretical fundamentals with practical approaches to determine the parameters like solubility in liquids, eutectic point, critical solubility temperature, particle size distributions for powders, flowability of powders & granules, stability parameters for suspensions and emulsions, buffer capacity, complexation ratio, etc. This laboratory imparts the knowledge of solubilizing agents, buffers, isotonicity modifiers, glidants for flowability, suspending agents, emulsifying agents in formulations etc.

The chemical reaction engineering lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipments, automated like the Adiabatic and isothermal plug flow reactors (PFRs), Isothermal CSTR, Packed Bed reactors and the facilities of Trickle bed reactor in order to make the students visualize the immediate real time industrial conditions and learn about the reaction techniques. The purpose of this lab is to introduce the undergraduate students with the most important reactor types in the process industry, and provide a hands-on training of the proper operation of these units. This helps in not only understanding the theoretical fundamentals of the subject but also helps to visualize its real-world applications in the process industry. These experiments help the students to understand reaction kinetics and reactor residence time distribution in detail.  The experiments covered in this lab also pave way for inculcating certain innovative skills in the students making them to use these experimental setups as starting point to take up higher level experimental studies in Chemical reaction engineering.

Heat and Mass transfer laboratory helps students to relate the conecpts of both heat transfer and mass transfer. Heat Transfer Laboratory helps the students to understand the basic concepts of heat transfer: Conduction, Convection and Radiation which are the three basic modes for heat transfer to take place. The lab is equipped with Shell and Tube heat exchanger,  Forced Convection Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity of metal rod, Natural Convection Apparatus, Composite wall Apparatus etc.

Mass transfer laboratory helps students with the most important separation equipments in the process industry, and provides a hands-on training of the proper operation of these units. This helps in not only understanding the theoretical fundamentals of the subject but also helps to visualize its real-world applications in the process industry.The experiments include Simple distillation, Batch distillation with rectification, Liquid liquid extraction, Solid liquid equilibrium etc.

The laboratory is equipped with analytical instruments like UV visible spectroscopy, Colorimeter, Refractometer, Nephlometer, Thin layer and paper chromatography. These instruments cater to the needs of undergraduate education to comply with in process quality control test as a as per regulatory guidelines. In addition, this lab deals with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject that a student needs to acquire in the current scenario of quality control and quality assurance of pharmaceutical substances. The subject includes an introduction to pharmacopoeias (I.P., B.P., U.S.P., and others) and different analytical methodology used in pharmacopoeias for the analysis of drug substances. This course also gives the knowledge on the advances in instrumentation techniques like LC-MS, GC-MS, 13C NMR, X ray diffraction to the students.

A specific reaction process cannot be successful to yield the required product or the anticipated results, without proper estimation of the dynamics associated with them and the requisite control techniques adopted. Here we have the process dynamics and control lab to let the upcoming engineer understand, practice and adopt the proper methodologies involved in an industrial set up for carrying out the operations and processes like the Interacting systems, Non-interacting systems, Simulations of the temperature controllers, Flow controllers, Level controllers, Pressure controllers with the use of in-built systems of P, PI & PID control strategies.

The department is equipped with the state of art laboratories, ultra-modern facilities and competitive staff which have been considered as most sophisticated infrastructure in the state. The focused research areas of the department are Pre-formulation studies, Development of different pharmaceutical dosage forms including novel and nanotechnology based drug delivery systems, Evaluation of developed dosage forms with respect to various in vitro and in vivo parameters and Studying the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic aspects of the drug as well as its dosage forms. There are different areas such as production/ manufacturing, validation aspects, quality assurance/ control, technology transfer, process development, formulation development, generic product development, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), intellectual property rights, pharmacovigilence, scientific writing and regulatory affairs where candidates are getting recruited.