Freshman/BS&H-Funding Projects

FreshmanBH&S-Funding Projects

1. Rural Women Technology Park" at Vishnupur village, Narsapur, Medak District, Telangana state, funding by Science for Equity Empowerment & Development Division, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Governement of India.

Project Cost: Rs.93.37 Lakhs

Current Status: Ongoing


 Dr E Laxmi Narsaiah  Dr. G B Radhika       Dr. T Chandrabai      Mr. J Bangarraju     Dr. B Venkataswamy    Mr. J Venkata Ramana

Principal Investigator    Co-Investigator        Co-Investigator         Co-Investigator         Co-Investigator             Co-Investigator  



2. "Cluster Method for improving Vegetable Farming Practices for enhanced vegetable production for sustainable livelihoods among rural women in selected mandals of Medak District, Telangana state"

Project Cost : Rs.36 Lakhs

Current Status: Ongoing

veg cultivation-1 

Dr. B Venkataswamy        Dr. E Laxmi Narsaiah        Mr. M Ram Reddy

Principal Investigator       Co-Investigator                Co-Investigator