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  1. This course on Physics lab is designed with 13 experiments in an academic year. It is common to all branches of Engineering in B.Tech Ist year.
  2. The objective of the course is that the student will have exposure to various experimental skills which is very essential for an Engineering student.
  3. The experiments are selected from various areas of Physics like Physical Optics, Lasers, Fiber Optics, Sound, Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism and Basic Electronics.
  4. Also the student is exposed to various tools like Screw gauge, Vernier Calipers, PhysicalBalance , Spectrometer and Microscope.


The student is expected to learn from this laboratory course the concept of error and its analysis. It also allows the student to develop experimental skills to design new experiments in Engineering. With the exposure to these experiments the student can compare the theory and correlate with the experiment. 

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Course Objective:

  1. Estimate the strength and amount of unknown compounds by instrumentation
  2. Implement Beer-Lambert’s law by co-relating the optical density and concentration of solution
  3. State the preparation process of drugs- Asprin 4. Estimate the nature of hard water
  4. Analysis of percentage of metal present in ore 6. Estimate the amount of metal by volumetric titration

Course Outcomes:

After completing the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of kinetics in determining the rate constant
  2. Examine the partition coefficient between immiscible organic and aqueous layers.
  3. Estimate the concentration of dissolved salts in a given sample of water.
  4. Determine the strength of unknown solution by using instruments.
  5. Summarize the synthetic pathway of a drug molecule. 6. Interpret the amount of analyze by using volumetric analysis.

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  1. To sensitize the nuances of English speech sounds.
  2. To bring about a consistent accent and intelligibility in students’ pronunciation of English by providing an opportunity for practice in speaking.
  3. To improve the fluency in spoken English in different contexts.
  4. To demonstrate the synchronization of verbal and non verbal communication.
  5. To speak with clarity and confidence.
  6. To enrich the persuasive skills.


The students will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the importance of phonetics and interpret phonetic symbols, vowels and consonants.
  2. Describe the speech sounds – vowels and consonants, stress and intonation.
  3. Enable writing situational dialogues and enact Role Play.
  4. Exemplify the synchronization of verbal and non verbal communication through the JAM session.
  5. Enrich presentation skills through oral presentations - prepared and extempore.
  6. Develop oratory skills through Debate.


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  1. To make the student learn a programming language.
  2. To teach the student to write programs in C solve the problems
  3. Student learn the concepts like looping ,functions ,pointers, file .concepts


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The course should enable the student’s ability to

  1. Analyse the Basic electrical circuit laws and principles.
  2. Understand working principles of electrical machines & their operating characteristics.
  3. Demonstrate the function of LT switch gear and earthing concepts.


After completion of course the student should be able to

  1. Determine the time response of R-L and R-C circuits.
  2. Plot the characteristics of DC shunt generator by conducting brake test on it.
  3. Calculate the branch currents and mesh voltages conducting KCL and KVL test on given circuit.
  4. Control the speed of the DC shunt motor by voltage and field control tests.
  5. Demonstrate the cut-out sections of DC machines and their performance characteristics.
  6. Prove the various circuit theorems like superposition, theveneni’s and norton’s theorems.