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Mechanical Department Placements


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Mechanical Funding Projects

Mechanical Funding Projects

Mechanical Laboratories

Engineering workshop Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with tools & equipments needed for the practice various trades of engineering like fitting, carpentry, tin-smithy, black-smithy, welding, house wiring, power tools and demonstrations of machine tools, plumbing etc., are some of the experiments done by the I year Students in this lab.


Metallurgy & Materials Science Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with instruments and equipments needed for the practice like preparation and study of the Micro Structure of pure metals like Iron, Copper and Aluminum. Also to carry out the preparation and study of the Micro Structure of Mild steels, low carbon steels, high-C steels, Cast Irons, Study of the Micro Structures of Non-Ferrous alloys, Study of the Micro Structures of Heat treated steels, Hardeneability of steels by Jominy End Quench Test, To find out the hardness of various treated and untreated steels are some of the experiments done by the II year I semester students in this lab.


Mechanics of Solids Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with instruments and equipments needed for the practice like conducting of strength tests, compression test, bending test, impact test, torsion test, spring test, Punch Shear Test etc., are some of the experiments done by the II year I semester students in this lab.

Machine Tools Laboratory

The Machine Shop is equipped with Centre Lathes, Drilling Machines, Shaping Machines and Milling Machine for preparing the models and gaining the practical exposure in operating the machines. Also, the machine shop is equipped with high quality cutting tools for the operations like Marking, Centre drilling, Facing, Taper turning, Grooving, knurling, Profile turning, Drilling, Boring,Thread cutting etc., The students are also trained in using inserts for cutting tool for machining purpose and Gear cutting operation.

Metrology Laboratory

measurements constitute an important element in all laboratories for conducting experiments and for all types of control processes in the industrial activities. This lab provides the students an active learning environment for the measurement technologies used in production engineering field. Students use the laboratory to collect and analyze measurement data, evaluate measurement methodologies, and learn the capabilities and limitations of measurement technologies. The lab includes LVDT, Load Cell, Pressure transducer, Micrometer, Thermocouple, Slip gauges, Sine bar, Sine center, Bevel protractor, Profile projector, Lathe and Drill tool dynamometer and other equipments required for calibration and measurements.


Production Technology Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with instruments and equipments needed for the practice like conducting of Pattern Design and making Sand properties testing, Moulding Melting and Casting, ARC Welding Lap & Butt Joint , Spot Welding, TIG Welding, Plasma welding and Brazing, Blanking & Piercing operation and study of simple, compound and progressive press tool, Deep drawing and extrusion operation, Bending and other operations, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding are some of the experiments done by the II year II semester students in this lab.


Mechanics of Fluids & Hydraulics Machinery Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with instruments and equipments needed for the practice like conducting of verification of Bernoulli's Theorem, Calibration of Orifice meter , Calibration of Venturimeter , Calibration of Notch, Determination of friction factor for a given pipe line , Determination of loss of head due to sudden contraction/Expansion in a pipeline , Impact of jets on Vanes., Performance Test on Pelton Wheel , Performance Test on Francis Turbine , Performance Test on Single Stage Centrifugal Pump , Performance Test on Reciprocating Pump etc., are some of the experiments done by the II year I semester students in this lab.


CAD/CAM Laboratory

CAD Laboratory

The CAD Lab of Mechanical Engineering department of Institute provides facilities for undergraduate students and faculty members to work with 2-D & 3-D design and analysis software for their academic and research work. The 3-D Modeling Software and FE Analysis software’s available in the CAD lab are:

  • Solid Works

CAM Laboratory

The Mechanical Engineering Department of Institute is equipped with CAM lab in which the undergraduate students learns to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of work pieces with help of computer programming and software. The CAD model of object is prepared in 3D modeling software and then its FE analysis is done with help of Analysis software and then manufactured using CNC programming and CNC machines. With help of CNC machines the object is manufactured with lesser time with higher dimensional accuracy with optimum uses of material, energy and cost. The CAM lab of institute is equipped with following machines:

  • EMCO Concept Mill 250
  • EMCO Concept Mill 105
  • EMCO Concept Turn 105


Heat Transfer Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Laboratory aims at providing hands-on experience to the students on the underlying theory. Currently the heat transfer lab is equipped with, demonstration of various thermometry techniques, heat exchange system, ventilation system, Natural and forced convection system, heat conduction unit for different materials, and thermal radiation unit.


Instrumentation And Control Systems Laboratory

Instrumentation and Control laboratory provides a “hands-on” environment that is crucial for developing students’ understanding of theoretical concepts. Instrumentation and Control laboratory is housed with different instruments like temperature measurement, level detection, pressure measurement, flow measurement etc On different panels or rigs these are arranged in different control configurations to achieve specific control objectives.


Mechanical Engineering Latest Results

IV B.Tech II sem Toppers List

S.No Roll No  Name of the Student  Percentage 
1 10211A0359 K. Vishwanth Reddy 91.57
10211A0355  K. Swetha 91.43
10211A0318  C. Kavya 91.00

III B.Tech II sem Toppers List

S.No  Roll No  Name of the Student Percentage 
11211A0338 V. Sailusha 83.33
11211A0334 T. Sai Prashant  82.93 
11211A0355 Y. Venkata Lokesh Kumar 78.67 

II B.Tech II sem Toppers List

S.No Roll No  Name of the Student  Percentage 
12211A0367 S. Rithvik  87.33 
12211A0356  M. Prashanth Chandra 85.47 
13215A0314 B. Venkatesh 84.67

Mechanical Curriculum

I B.Tech (Autonomous)

I Semester II Semester 
English-I English-II
Mathematics-I Mathematics-II
Engineering Physics-I Engineering Physics-II
Engineering Chemistry Mathematical Methods
Computer Programming through C Data Structures through C
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Drawing
English Language Communication Skills Lab Engineering Workshop & IT Workshop
Engineering Chemistry Lab Engineering Physics Lab
Computer Programming through C Lab Data Structures through C Lab

II B.Tech (R13)

I Semester II Semester 
Environmental Studies Production Technology
Probability and Statistics Kinematics of Machinery
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Thermal Engineering -I
Mechanics of Solids Mechanics of Fluids and Hydraulic Machines
Thermodynamics Machine Drawing
Metallurgy and Materials Science Mathematics –II
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab Production Technology Lab
Metallurgy & Mechanics of Solids Lab Mechanics of Fluids & Hydraulic Machines Lab

III B.Tech (R09)

I Semester II Semester 
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Industrial Management
Metrology & Surface Engineering  Finite Element Methods 
Dynamics of Machinery  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
Machine Tools Design of Machine Members-II
Design of Machine Members-I  Heat Transfer 
Applied Thermodynamics-II OPEN ELECTIVE
Machine Tools & Metrology Lab Engineering Optimization
Thermal Engineering Lab Nano Technology
  Automobile Engineering
  Heat Transfer Lab
  Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

IV B.Tech (R09)

I Semester II Semester 
Operations Research Production Planning and Control
Power Plant Engineering ELECTIVE-III
CAD/CAM Artificial Neural Networks
Instrumentation and Control Systems Reliability Engineering
ELECTIVE-I Maintenance and Safety Engineering
Robotics Plant Layout & Material Handling
Mechanical Vibrations ELECTIVE-IV
Mechatronics Renewable Energy Sources 
Composite Materials  Jet Propulsion & Rocket Engineering 
ELECTIVE-II   Computational Fluid Dynamics
Unconventional Machining Processes Gas Dynamics
CNC Technology  Industry Oriented Mini Project
Automation in Manufacturing  Seminar 
Design for Manufacturing Project Work 
Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Lab   Comprehensive Viva
Production Drawing Practice and Instrumentation Lab