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01.10.2018 B.Tech I Year I Semester Regular, December 2018. View Download
11.09.2018 B.Tech II, III, IV Year Examinations, November 2018. View Download
02.08.2018 B.Tech I Year II Sem Advnaced Supplementary, August 2018. View Download
29.05.2018 B.Tech IV Year II Semester R14 Regular RC/RV Notification. View Download
29.05.2018 B.Tech IV Year II Semester Advanced Supplementary, June 2018 View Download
04.04.2018 B.Tech I Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, May 2018. View Download
03.03.2018 B.Tech II, III & IV Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, April 2018. View Download
10.01.2018 B.Tech II & III Year Supplementary Examination RC/RV Notification. View Download


08.11.2018 M.Tech End Semester Examinations, December 2018.new View Download
01.10.2018 M.Tech II Year I Semester (Comprehensive Viva), November 2018. View Download
12.04.2018 M.Tech Regular and Supplementary Examinations, June 2018. View Download
05.03.2018 M.Tech & MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinatios RC/RV Notification View Download
14.11.2017 M.Tech I Year Regular and Supplementary Examinations, January 2018. View Download


08.11.2018 MBA End Semester Examinations, December 2018.new View Download
01.09.2018 MBA End Semester Examinations, Regular and Supple, October 2018. View Download
29.05.2018 MBA II Year I Sem Supple & II Sem Regular and Supple R14 & R15 RC/RV Notification View Download
05.03.2018 M.Tech & MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinatios RC/RV Notification.  View Download
03.03.2018 MBA I & II Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, April 2018. View Download
10.01.2018 MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinations RC/RV Notification. View

Time Tables

End Semester exams for B.Tech & MBA regular and supplementary scheduled from 06-12-2018 to 11-12-2018 are rescheduled. click to seenew



1-1_Sem_R18_REGULAR_December_2018.new View Download
1-1_Sem_R15-Supple_December_2018 View Download
1-1_Sem_R14_Supple_December_2018 View Download
 I B.Tech I Semester Second Mid Examinations, November 2018  View Download 
4-1_Sem_R15-2015_Batch_Regular View Download
4-1_Sem_R14-2014_Batch_Supple View Download
3-2_Sem_R15-2015_Batch_Supple_REVISED View Download
3-2_Sem_R14-2014_Batch_Supple_REVISED View Download
3-1_Sem_R15-2016_Batch_Regular_2015_Batch_Supple View Download
3-1_Sem_R14-2014_Batch_Supple View Download
2-2_Sem_R15-2015___2016_Batches_Supple_REVISED View Download
2-2_Sem_R14-2014_Batch_Supple_REVISED View Download
2-1_Sem_R15-2017_Batch_Regular___2015_2016_Batches_Supple View Download
2-1_Sem_R14-2014_Batch_Supple View Download
I B.Tech I Semester First Mid Examinations, September 2018. View Download


M.Tech_II_Sem_R15_Supple__December_2018 new View Download
M.Tech_II_Sem_R14_Supple__December_2018 View Download
M.Tech_I_Sem_R18_Regular__December_2018 View Download
M.Tech_I_Sem_R15_Supple__December_2018 View Download
M.Tech_I_Sem_R14_Supple__December_2018 View Download
M.Tech I Sem_R15_Supple _June 2018  View Download
M.Tech II Sem_R15_Regular & Supple _June 2018 View Download
M.Tech I Sem_R14_Supple _June 2018 View Download
M.Tech II Sem_R14_Supple _June 2018 View Download


MBA_I_Sem_Regular_December_2018.new View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R15_2015_2016_2017_Batches__Supple_December_2018 View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R14_2014__Supple_December_2018 View Download
MBA_II_Sem_R15_Supple_October_2018 View Download
MBA_III_Sem_R15_Regular&Supple_October_2018 View Download
MBA_IV_Sem_R15_Supple_October_2018 View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R14_2014__Supple_May_2018.  View Download
MBA_III_Sem_R14_2014_Batch_Supple_April_2018 View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R15_2015_2016_2017_Batches__Supple_May_2018 View Download

Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar for I B.Tech (R18) for the year 2018-2019

Academic Calendar for II, III & IV B.Tech (R15 - CBCS) for the year 2018-2019


Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 (Autonomous) Open
Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2016-Batch (Autonomous) Open
Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2015-Batch (Autonomous) Open


Academic Calendar for MBA I Year (Autonomous) for the year 2018-2019

Academic Calendar for MBA II Year (Autonomous) for the year 2018-2019


Note: For Full details of the results, visit bvrit.edu.in

List of Holidays

Click here for the list of Holidays for the year 2018 declared by Government of Telangana

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