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Chemical Engineering Curriculum

I B.Tech (Autonomous)

I Semester

II Semester



Engineering Physics-I

Engineering Physics-II



Mathematical Methods

Engineering Chemistry

Computer Programming Through C

Data Structures Through C

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Workshop & IT Work Shop

English Communication Skills Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Computer Programming Through C Lab

Data Structures through C Lab








      II B.Tech (R 15)

I Semester

II Semester

Mechanics of solids

Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Electrical Engineering

Chemical engineering thermodynamics I

Probability and statisics

Mechanical Operations

Analytical Chemistry

Process Instrumentation

Chemical Process Calculations

Management Science

Generic Elective

Organic chemistry

Electrical Engineering Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Analytical Chemistry Lab

Mechanical Operations Lab

Professional skills and Personality developmet

Foundation skills in information technology/ Gender stabilization


     III B.Tech (R 15)

I Semester

II Semester

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II

Chemical Technology

Chemical Reactions Engineering-I

Mass Transfer Operations-II

Mass Transfer Operations-I

Chemical Reaction Engineering-II

Process Heat Transfer

Process dynamics and control

Professional Elective 1

Professional Elective 3

Professional Elective 2

Professional Elective 4

Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

Mass Transfer Operations Lab

Process Heat Transfer Lab

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

Problem solving skills

     IV B.Tech ( R14)

I Semester

II Semester

Transport Phenomena

Industrial Pollution Control Engineering

Process Modeling & Simulation


Process Dynamics & Control

Membrane Technology

Chemical Process Equipment & Design

Fluidization Engineering

Industrial Safety Hazard & Management

Plant Design & Economics

Elective - II


Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology

Design & Analysis of Experiments

Polymer Technology

Technological & Pharmaceutical & fine Chemicals

Environmental Biotechnology

Optimization of Chemical Process

Process Dynamics Control Lab


Simulation Lab

Project Work


Comprehensive Viva

I M.Tech (Autonommous)

I Semester

II Semester

Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Separation Process

Advanced Transport Phenomena

Advanced Process Control

Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

Process Modeling & Simulation

Optimization Techniques in Chemical Engineering

Environmental Engineering



Petroleum Refinery Engineering

Colloidal Interfacial Engineering

Electrochemical Engineering

Bio Process Engineering

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

Nano Technology

Elective -II


Polymer Technology

Industrial Safety

Corrosion Engineering

Design & Analysis of Experiments

Applied Numerical Methods

Fluidization Engineering

Chemical Engineering Lab-I

Chemical Engineering Lab-II



     II M.Tech ( R13)

I Semester

II Semester

Comprehensive Viva

Project Work

Project Seminar


Project Work