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01.10.2018 B.Tech I Year I Semester Regular, December View Download
11.09.2018 B.Tech II, III, IV Year Examinations, November 2018. View Download
02.08.2018 B.Tech I Year II Sem Advnaced Supplementary, August 2018. View Download
29.05.2018 B.Tech IV Year II Semester R14 Regular RC/RV Notification. View Download
29.05.2018 B.Tech IV Year II Semester Advanced Supplementary, June 2018 View Download
04.04.2018 B.Tech I Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, May 2018. View Download
03.03.2018 B.Tech II, III & IV Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, April 2018. View Download
10.01.2018 B.Tech II & III Year Supplementary Examination RC/RV Notification. View Download


01.10.2018 M.Tech II Year I Semester (Comprehensive Viva), November View Download
12.04.2018 M.Tech Regular and Supplementary Examinations, June 2018. View Download
05.03.2018 M.Tech & MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinatios RC/RV Notification View Download
14.11.2017 M.Tech I Year Regular and Supplementary Examinations, January 2018. View Download


01.09.2018 MBA End Semester Examinations, Regular and Supple, October 2018. View Download
29.05.2018 MBA II Year I Sem Supple & II Sem Regular and Supple R14 & R15 RC/RV Notification View Download
05.03.2018 M.Tech & MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinatios RC/RV Notification.  View Download
03.03.2018 MBA I & II Year Regular & Supplementary Examinations, April 2018. View Download
10.01.2018 MBA Regular & Supplementary Examinations RC/RV Notification. View

Time Tables


2-1_Sem_R14_Supplenew View Download
2-1_Sem_R15_Regular & Supple View Download
2-2_Sem_R14_Supple View Download
2-2_Sem_R15_Supple View Download
3-1_Sem_R14_Supple View Download
3-1_Sem_R15_Regular & Supple View Download
3-2_Sem_R14_Supple View Download
3-2_Sem_R15_Supple View Download
4-1_Sem_R14_Supple View Download
4-1_Sem_R15_Regular View Download
I B.Tech I Semester First Mid Examinations, September 2018. View Download
4-1 Sem R15-2015 Batch First Mid_revised timetable, September 2018. View Download
3-1 Sem R15-2016 Batch First Mid_revised timetable, August 2018. View Download
2-1 Sem R15-2017 Batch First Mid_revised timetable, August 2018. View Download


M.Tech I Sem_R15_Supple _June 2018 new View Download
M.Tech II Sem_R15_Regular & Supple _June 2018 View Download
M.Tech I Sem_R14_Supple _June 2018 View Download
M.Tech II Sem_R14_Supple _June 2018 View Download
M.Tech_I_Sem_Regular_R15-2017_batch_Regular_and__2015__2016_Batches_Supple_January_2018 View Download
M.Tech_I_Sem_Supple__2014_Batch_January_2018 View Download
M.Tech_II_Sem_Supple__2014_Batch_January_2018 View Download
M.Tech_II_Sem_Supple_2015__2016_Batches_supple__January_2018 View Download


MBA_II_Sem_R15_Supple_October_2018new View Download
MBA_III_Sem_R15_Regular&Supple_October_2018 View Download
MBA_IV_Sem_R15_Supple_October_2018 View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R14_2014__Supple_May_2018.  View Download
MBA_III_Sem_R14_2014_Batch_Supple_April_2018 View Download
MBA_I_Sem_R15_2015_2016_2017_Batches__Supple_May_2018 View Download
MBA_III_Sem_R15_2015_2016_Batches_Suppls_April_2018 View Download
MBA_II_Sem_R14_2014__Batch_Supple_May_2018 View Download
MBA_IV_Sem_R14_2014_Batch_Supple_April_2018 View Download
MBA_II_Sem_R15_2017Batch_Regular_&_2015,2016Batches_Supple_May_2018 View Download
MBA_IV_Sem_R15_2016_Batch_Regular&2015_Batch_Supple_April_2018 View Download

Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar for I B.Tech (R18) for the year 2018-2019

Academic Calendar for II, III & IV B.Tech (R15 - CBCS) for the year 2018-2019


Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 (Autonomous) Open
Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2016-Batch (Autonomous) Open
Academic Calendar for M.Tech 2015-Batch (Autonomous) Open


Academic Calendar for MBA I Year (Autonomous) for the year 2018-2019

Academic Calendar for MBA II Year (Autonomous) for the year 2018-2019







M.TECH_1_1_R14_2014 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
M.TECH_1_1_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
M.TECH_1_1_R15_2016 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
M.TECH_1_2_R14_2014 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
M.TECH_1_2_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
M.TECH_1_2_R15_2016 BATCH_JULY 2017_REGULAR View Download
* Last date for applying revaluation is 22-09-2017    


MBA_1_1_R14_2014 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_1_1_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_1_1_R15_2016 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_1_2_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_1_2_R15_2016 BATCH_JULY 2017_REGULAR View Download
MBA_2_1_R14_2014 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_2_1_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_2_2_R14_2014 BATCH_JULY 2017_SUPPLE View Download
MBA_2_2_R15_2015 BATCH_JULY 2017_REGULAR View Download
* Last date for applying revaluation is 22-09-2017    


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List of Holidays

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