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Welcome to BVRITN


K Rayudu

Ph.D.: JNTU, Hyderabad.

M.Tech: - Power systems,JNTU-Hyderabad,DEC 2004

B.Tech: - Electrical and Electronics Engineering,JNTU-Kakinada-Andhraparadesh-India ,1999

Teaching Experience – 16 years

Dr. K. Rayudu
Professor & HoD 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number: +91-9959599839

JNTUH Registration ID:63150402-153845

BVRITN Employe ID:79

Professional Affiliations

  1. Life Member ISTE
  2. Member IEEE

Academic & Professional accomplishments:

  1. M.Tech. guidance: Guided 10 students
  2. B.Tech. project guidance: Guided more than 40 students
  3. No. of international journal & international conference publications: 8
  4. No. of national conference proceedings & paper presentations: 2
  5. No. of guest lectures delivered: 10

Fields of Specialization:

  1. Power Quality and Harmonics
  2. Custom Power Devices
  3. Applications Of Power Electronics to Power Systems
  4. Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms and its applications to Power Systems

Fields of interest:

  1. Control systems
  2. Power systems
  3. Renewable Energy systems Integration to power systems
  4. Artifical neural networks
  5. Fuzzy logic
  6. Genetic algoritham
  7. Modelling and simulation

Research Papers Published

  1. Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Generator Reactive Power Elsevier/ AASRI Procedia 2012 Hong Kong
  2. Multi Objective Comparison of GA & LP Techniques for Generator Reactive Power Optimization IEEE Power India Conference 2012 Murthal Haryana
  3. Comparison of PI & Fuzzy Control Strategies of Unified Power Quality Conditioner. CERA-2005 28-31 Sepetember-05 IIT, Roorkee
  4. Design of PI & Fuzzy Control Strategies for Unified Power Quality Conditioner. CPRI-2005 20-22 Dec,2005 Bangalore
  5. Neural Network Method of Identification of Fault within a 61 MVA Power Transformer based on Computer Studies. CERA-2005 28-31 Sepetember-05 IIT, Roorkee
  6. Different Control Strategies for Unified Power Quality Conditioner at load side. ICIEA-2006 24-26 May-2006 Singapore (Mandarin)
  7. Comparison of PI and ANN Control Strategies of Unified Shunt Series Compensator. IEEE-2006 10-12 April - 2006 New - Delhi
  8. Design and Control of Power Quality Using Active Power Quality Conditioner APQC EAR-2004 4th Dec 2004 JNTUCEA
  9. Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Problems EAR-2005 10th Dec,2005 JNTUCEA
  10. J. Bangarraju, V. Rajagopal K. Rayudu and A. Jayalaxmi, “A New Shunt Active power filter for Renewable Energy Systems with Power Quality Improvement”, in Proc. National Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy, JNTU College of Engineering Hyderabad, 27 - 28 June 2014