EEE Laboratories

Networks (Electric Circuits) Lab

This lab is endowed with equipment like Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO), Digital and Analog meters of a wide range and static electric equipment. The lab enables practical observation of different characteristics of electrical/ electronic elements when connected differently thus furnishing a good foundation on these components to the students in the initial years.

Electrical Measurements Lab

This lab comprises of phase shifting transformers, reactive load and various other equipment used for calibration and measurement of electrical quantities. The electrical bridge circuits like Kelvin’s Double Bridge, Anderson’s bridge, Schering Bridge facilitate the measurement of unknown values of elements like resistor, capacitor and inductor. Errors in electrical measuring instruments can also be found in this laboratory. One can also learn to measure real and reactive power of unbalanced loads.

Control Systems Lab

Here the students undergo practical training using MATLAB over various physical systems/ transfer functions. Stability analysis is done using Bode Plot and Root Locus Techniques. Other equipment like AC Servomotors, DC Servomotors and Synchros are utilized to observe the parameters physically. The demonstration kit is assembled here to study the control of AC load current having an electrical isolation through DC current (magnetic amplifier).  Various circuits for compensations are designed and then included to the plant for obtaining stability.

Simulation of Electrical Systems Lab

This lab houses 35 terminals with a Server Configuration of Wipro Xegeon processor, Pentium IV, 2.8 GHz, 37GB, 1GB ecC RAM and a Client configuration of Pentium IV, 2.4 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk.

The lab is equipped with electrical system simulation software like MATLAB 7.0 SIMULINK, PSPICE 9.2 version, MULTISIM, Power Trans, Power Net and Power GIS. One can learn to solve various problems of electrical systems and study the stability by converting them to mathematical models. A complex system can be analyzed for optimization in a cost effective manner. Various tool boxes like Power System toolbox, Artificial Neural Networks tool box, Fuzzy Logic tool box, and Control Systems toolbox are also available for the students to train.

R&D Centre

This centre focuses on research and development in various emerging fields and cutting edge technologies in order to bring out innovative ideas and products. To name a few projects that have been developed by the centre are-Electrical Traction System, Battery Operated Cycle, Fuel Cell Unit, Hybrid electric vehicle & Wireless electrical transmission.