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Welcome to BVRITN

Your Talks brought in an national level event in partnership with Josh Talks from 27th to 29th April 2018.

YourTalks. A platform where you refine yourself.

We have started growing and expanding, thus creating plethora of opportunities for our own
students to enhance their skills and knowledge.

In an attempt to storm their minds with ideals of different inspirational speakers from different paths of life, we are honored to announce that we'll be hosting a national level event in partnership with “Josh Talks” in Hyderabad in our own college BVRIT-N. It is a 3 day event scheduled from 27th April to 29th April 2018, We are bringing in about 60+ eminent speakers to empower young minds and to expose them to different paths of life. 

JoshTalks YourTalks

We hope this session fills you with a burning desire to achieve success.


Stay connected with us through our social media @yourtalkslive.

Issue of AnswerScriptPhotocopies of I B.Tech I Semester Regular Examination held during December 2017.

Circular Issue of Photocopy of Answer Books 1

Circular Softcopy: Download

Application Form: Download

Department of CSE has organised FDP on "Cloud Computing" in association with E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal from 21st April 2018 to 26th April 2018.


Click here for more details

Download Brohure

A Model UN conference was held on 6th - 7th (Friday & Saturday) of March 2018 in BVRIT Narsapur.

A Model UN conference is an academic simulation of the United Nations with the primary objective of educating the youth on matters of international importance, and helping them develop skills such as leadership, oratory, public speaking, and diplomacy.

Most academic events today only focus on one objective be it communication, literary skills, college curricular activities, or community service, only one target is set. Our aim is to provide a more all rounding experience. We are aiming at providing our delegates a unique platform where they simulate the proceedings of the United Nations, to provide solutions to global issues. Also delegates get actively involved with their community, by interacting with others who may or may not belong to the same strata of the society. This enables all the participants to understand and learn from each other. At the conference we not only talk about making a change, but are making an active effort towards it by trying to build a bridge between the two opposite spectrums of the society.

Last year, BVRIT INTRA MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE was held on 17th and 18th of February 2017 which comprised of 200+ delegates and simulated three councils.

This year the conference is scheduled on 6th - 7th (Friday & Saturday) of March 2018 and will be held in the college premises. We are expecting a participation of 200-250 delegates and are planning to simulate 3 committees which are –

  1. United Nations General Assembly- Disarmament and International Security
  2. United Nations - Security Council
  3. United Nations Human Rights Council

The agendas for the councils-

  1. United Nations General Assembly - Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) - Role of Privatized Military Contractors and Mercenaries in International Peace and Security
  2. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) - Reducing Tensions in the Korean Peninsula
  3. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) - Upholding Human Rights in Cyberspace with emphasis on Right to Privacy

Round 2 Delegate Applications for BVRIT MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE 2018 are now open and delegates can still register.
Delegates are requested to select their preferred Countries from the Country Matrix attached below.
Delegates are also recommended have a look at the information brochure before applying.

Link for Information Brochure:

Link for Application 

Link for Country Matrix 

Link for Facebook page:


Hope to see you at the Conference.
BVRIT Model United Nations Conference 2018
For the Diplomat in you.

Department of CSE has organised an AICTE - ISTE sponsored FDP on "Refresher Course on Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms implementation using Python" from 16th July 2018 to 21st July 2018.

An AICTE - ISTE sponsored FDP on "Refresher Course on Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms implementation using Python"

Duration: 16th July 2018 to 21st July 2018.

Venue: BVRIT, Narsapur.

Organized by: Department of CSE