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Civil Department Placements

2012 - 16 Batch

Company No.
AARVEE Associates 2
Mega Infrastructure 1
L & T Constructions 1
Tech Mahindra 5
Midas Touch. 1
Soma Construction 7
AR Constructions 1
Accenture 1
S & H Resource Informatics (P)  Ltd.  2
KMV Constructions 1
Lakshmi Constructions 1
Shree Bhavana Architectural 1
ACG Prorelsys 1
Credible Engineering Construction 1
Poulomi Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 1
Gouri Shankar Infra Builders 1
RMSI Private Ltd 1
Total:  42

Higher Education
a) Abroad University Leading M.S  
University No.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock 3
University Of Alabama, Birmingham     1
Swinburne university of Technology, Melbourne 2
University of Central Missouri     1
Texas A&M University,  Kingsville 1
Kent State University  1
Total: 9
b) Indian University Leading M.Tech  
University No.
Osmania University 3
Total: 7
c) Indian University Leading MBA  
University No.
Amity University 1
Total: 2

Civil Funding Projects

Project 1: Geo-Tagging of Trees at BVRITN Campus

Geo-Tagging of Trees is the process of collection of geographical information in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates of a tree and other attribute data like tree name, year of plantation etc. This data will be encoded in the form of QR Code and will be printed on the name plate along with Tree Name. By scanning QR code using Mobile Phone, the complete details of tree along with photographs will be shown on Google Maps Mobile Application. By capturing and storing of photographs of trees at regular time intervals, the growth of trees can be monitored through online application. It will also helps in planning of new infrastructure proposals in the campus.

No. of Trees: 5000 (Approx.)

Sanctioned Amount:
Rs. 2,00,000/-

1. Survey of trees using GPS / DGPS / Total Station equipment to obtain geographical locations i.e., Latitude and Longitude
2. Collection of Photos of Tree
3. Labeling of Trees with QR Code

Proposed QR Tag
4. Design and Development of Geo-spatial Database for Infrastructure mapping which includes Bore wells, Sumps, Water Tanks, Buildings etc.
5. Design, Development & Deployment of Online GIS Application for effective management and monitoring of resources like water, power, air pollution and temperature.

Principal Investigator:
Dr. P. Rambabu,
Associate Professor,
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Status: Project execution commenced on 13-July-2017. 3489 trees were identified as on 16-Oct-2017. 

Total Trees


Project 2: Smart Water Management System
To provide a comprehensive solution for water distribution network system this includes
- Survey and Mapping of Existing Pipeline Network and its Assets
- Design and Optimization of Water Supply System
- Design, Development and Integration of Smart Sensors
- Design and Development of Mobile and Online Monitoring System

Salient Features:
Online Web Application to Build & Edit Water Supply Network
- Mobile Application to update flow status and monitor water supply
- Provision for SMS alert to consumers during flow on/off and breakdown
- Provision for Integration of Smart Flow Sensors to monitor water supply Project

Project Details:
Location: Shapoor Nagar, Quthbullahpur, HMWSSB
Length of Network: 40.32 Km
No. of Junctions: 600
Distribution Area: 1.60 Sq.Km

Software: AutoCAD, Google Earth Pro., ArcGIS, EPANET, WaterGEMS.
Web Technology: Google Maps API, ASP.NET.
Database: SQL Server 2008 R2.

Project commenced on 22-July-2016 with 5 faculty and 28 students.
- Build a model and conducted workshop at BVRIT Campus on 6th Oct. 2016.
- Presented model in “Technology Partnership Workshop” at HMWSSB on 18-Mar-2017.
- Build Smart Flow Detection Sensor and installed for testing near STP at BVRIT Campus.
- Implementation at field is proposed in the month of December 2017.

Principal Investigator:
Dr. P. Rambabu,
Associate Professor,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Civil Laboratories

S. No. Name of the Laboratory Name of the Equipments
1 Engineering Geology Hardness Collection Kit
Hardness Testing Knife
Luster Collection
Mineral Specimens
Magnetism & Electricity
Mineral feel property collection
Odour collection
Plastic specimen trays
Pocket Lens
Rock specimen
Round magnet
Structural Geology Models
Streak collection
Streak plates
Tenacity collection
Transparency & DB refraction
Petrological Microscope
2 Strength of materials Universal Testing Machine
Simply supported beam setup
Cantilever beam setup
Hardness testing machine
Impact testing machine
Torsion testing machine
Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem
Spring testing machine
3 Surveying lab – I & II 30m Survey chains
Ranging Rods
Box Sextant
Optical Square
Prismatic Compass
Plane Table and its Accessories
Auto level, Levelling Staff
Ghat Tracer, Target with pole
Theodolite, Tripod, Levelling Staff
Total Station, Prism and Prism Stand
4 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machinery Laboratory Venturi meter
Orifice meter
Rectangular notch
Triangular notch
Pipe friction equipment
Minor losses equipment
Bernoulli’s equipment
Impact of jets
Open channel Flume
Pelton wheel turbine
Francis turbine
Kaplan turbine
Single stage centrifugal pump
Multi stage centrifugal pump
Reciprocating pump
5 Geotechnical Engineering Lab UCS Testing Machine
Triaxial Cell, Pore pressure apparatus, Lateral Pressure Assembly,
Self-Compensating Constant Pressure, Volume Change Gauge
Triaxial Testing Machine
Direct Shear Apparatus
Vane Shear Apparatus
Hot air oven
Soil Hydrometer
Soil Extruder
Soil Trimmer
Electronic Weighing balance 20kg
Electronic Weighing balance 600g
Plate Load Test
Sand Pouring Cylinders (Large)
Shrinkage Limit set
6 Concrete and Highway Material Lab Aggregate Crushing Value apparatus
Aggregate Impact Value apparatus
Pycnometer Bottle
Deval Abrasion Testing Machine
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
Thickness Gauge
Length Gauge
Standard Penetrometer
Ductility Testing apparatus
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Flash and Fire Point Test apparatus
Vicat Needle Apparatus
90 Micron sieve with pan
Specific gravity bottle
Le-chatiler Apparatus
75mm Cube and Digital Compression Machine
Slump Test Apparatus
Vee-Bee Consistmeter
Compacting Factor Apparatus
Digital Compression Machine 2000KN Capacity
Measuring Jar
Standard Manual 250 Rebound Hammer
Weighing balance 20kg and 100kg Capacity
Acclerated Curing Tank
Vibrating Table for concrete
Vibrating Table for mortar
Concrete Mixer
Sieve sets of Fine Aggregate
Sieve sets of Coarse Aggregate
7 Environmental Engineering Lab Water Bath 300x250x100mm, 8lit capacity
Hot Air Oven 300x300x300mm, 28 Lit capacity
Hot Plate 300x435mm, Max Temp 370 Degree
Electronic Balance 0.001g -200g
Electronic Balance 0.001g -600g
Digital pH meter with slope control 3 1/2 digits LED Display
COD Digestion apparatus in built microprocessor based temperature and timer
BOD Incubator With Shaker Double wall inside made of Aluminium, 455x410x610mm,112lit capacity
Flocculator Alum Jar Test Apparatus 1/8 HPO-300rpm, 6 no's Multi-spindle
Muffle Furnace: The casing is made of mild stell sheet Reinforced with iron angles riveting and painted with epoxy powder coating 200x200x300mm
Nephelo Turbidity meter Digital, 3 1/2 LED display 30mm flat bottom tet tube 0-1000 NTU
Conductivity meter Digital, 0-20 mus,0-2,0-20,-0-200 &0-1000 ms
Dissolved oxygen Analyser 3 1/2 digital bright red LED, 0-20ppm, Resolution: 0.1ppm Accuracy: +/- 0.1ppm
Dessicator Glass 8" Size
UV Spectrophotometer
Coliform test
8 Computer Aided Drafting of Buildings Lab AutoCAD
9 Civil Engineering Software Lab Microstation
AECOSim Building Designer
Map Enterprise
MXROAD v8i Suite
Staad Pro, Staad Foundation
WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, StormCAD, CivilStorm, Hammer

Latest Results

Year-Sem Academic Year
  2012-16 2013-17 2014-18 2015-19 2016-20
I Year I Sem. 55.93 62.7

70.34 (I Sem.)

58.47 (II Sem.)

62.39 (I Sem.)

58.47 (II Sem.)

41.96 (I Sem.)

60.00 (II Sem.)

II Year I Sem. 77.46 52.86 84.17 69.85 65.94
II Year II Sem. 72.22 52.11 75.74 74.07  
III Year I Sem. 88.57 81.69 65.44 66.42  
III Year II Sem. 88.57 45.07 85.07    
IV Year I Sem. 80.28 57.75 95.60    
IV Year II Sem. 75.71 84.51