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Biomedical Engineering Presentation & Awards

Department of Biomedical Engineering




BME III year students won First Prize and cash prize of Rs 1 lakh for their project "Self Feeding Utensil for Disabled People" in BioAsia 2015 Healthcare Devathon held from 2nd to 4th Feb. 2015 at HICC, Hyderabad.(From right: B. H. V. Manikanta (1st from right), G. Vijaybhaskar (2nd), and C. Sharath Chandra (4th)). 


(2011-15) K. Bala Subhashini and S. Nishanth Gowd: The Project titled as “Robotic Pathogen Measurement Device” has been selected for Cornell Cup USA 2012 presented by Intel.

(2010-14) Anusha Bandari, Mridula Garimella, T. V. Himaja Sree: “Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring using Infra-Red Radiation” won best paper award in the event “Technical Session on Biomedical Signal Processing” at an International Conference under BEATS-2012 organized by NIT Jalandhar  on December 6 and 7, 2012

(2010-14) Mridula Garimella and Ganesh Reddy: The Project titled as “Concept Design of Solar Homes and Centralized Solar Power Plant” got the Certificate of Appreciation from The Air Force Officers’ Cooperative Housing Society, Vayapuri, Secunderabad.

(2010-14) MA. Mubeen, Venugopal Reddy, MD. Moulana Ali: The Project titled as “Color Identifier for Visually Impaired Persons” has been selected for Texas Instrument Analog Design Contest 2012–13.

(2009-13) P. Gayathri and V. Anitha Reddy: “Fetal Heart Surgery” won first prize in IEEE paper presentation in Pragnya 2011 organized by GRIET, Hyderabad, India.

(2008-12) V. Durga Spoorthi and Y. Sindhuri Reddy: The Project titled as “Blind Navigator for Visually Challenged” won consolation prize in the prestigious Texas Instrument Analog Design Contest 2011 held at Bangalore. 

(2008-12) Nitin Menon & Akhila Lakshmi: The Project titled as “Quadriplegic Tilt Communicator with Monitoring Systems” won a prize of US $1500 in the first round and US $3750 in the final round of Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest 2010.

(2008-12) Guru Prasad and Spurthi Vavilala: “Architecture for Touch Free Communication System for ALS Patients” got first prize for paper presentation at QUARK 2012 organized by BITS Goa on 4th February 2012.

(2007-11) Harsha Priya (along with Y. Mahesh from ECE and Sushma from CSE): The Project titled as “Smart Stick developed for the visually impaired” won ITsAP Student Entrepreneurship Award, 12 March 2010 given by The IT & ITES Industry Association of A.P.

(2006-10) Pragya Jayakumar and Ramya Bobba: The Project titled as “Mind Mouse developed for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients” won 11th position at NASA - Create The Future Design Contest 2010” by COMSOL and TechBriefs (Publishers of NASA Tech Briefs).

(2004-08) Shiva Subhashini: “Smart Hat” was the motivator for ATL launch in BVRIT.  Subsequently she was selected as research assistant at UMASS Lowell USA.

(1997-2001) Mr. Kranthi Kiran Vistakula has been rated as one of the Top 20 Innovators in India in the year 2010. (Source: INDIA TODAY April, 26th 2010)