ECE Awards & Recognitions

Department of ECE - Awards and Recognition's

Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), May 2016- Best Performer Award
Project : Sheethal battu for the project 'DCI Coding and Decoding', mentored by Dr. U.Syed Abudhagir

Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), May 2016- Best Project Award and Mentor Award
Project : 'Carrier Aggregation and Deletion of SCells'Bhavani Bhargav, T. Pranay, Pavani and Anurag Sharma mentored by Dr. U.Syed Abudhagir

TIIC IDC-2015 Consolation Prize
Project : ‘Smart Ordering System in Restaurant’ Saikiran. Ambati, Manisha.Y,Niketh Rao, Anusha.B mentored by Dr. I.A.Pasha and Mr. T. Vasudeva Reddy
Project : ‘IoT Sugarcane Harvesting Robot in the Field’ P.Madhusudhana Rao, B.Archana ,N.Sathish, K.Sai Praveen mentored by Prof. Sanjay Dubey and Mr. M C Chinnaiah
Project : ‘Biometric Based Vehicle Security System’ V.Sai Charan, K.P.K.Vishwajith, K.Vinay Babu, RajasekherReddy, Mallikarjun .Ch mentored by Prof.Sanjay Dubey and B.Naresh Kumar

Two Projects have Participated in JNTU EXCITE 2015
Project : ‘Smart Building’, Bathini Raju, A. Mahesh, S. Parvathi Harsha mentored by Mr. V.Santhosh Kumar
Project : ‘Smart Security’, P. Vijay Krishna Reddy, G. Vishnu Teja, P. Jeevana Reddy mentored by Mr. V.Santhosh Kumar

TIIC IADC-2014 Consolation Prize
Project : ‘Over Speeding &Rash Driving Vehicle Detection System’ V.Praveen Kumar, K.Rajesh, M.Ganesh, I.Pavan Kumar mentored by Prof.Sanjay Dubey
Project : ‘Smart Rehab Calipers’ V.Mounik ,V.Prashanth,A.Nikilesh Reddy ,D.Sachin mentored by Dr.I.A.Pasha

Intel India Embedded Challenge 2014
A project titled “Robo Sketcher" has been selected for grand finale of “Intel India Embedded Challenge 2014".
Two Projects Participated in Finale of ATMEL EMBEDDED DESIGN CONTEST 2014
A project titled “Wireless Heart Beat Monitoring System" by Thaheer, Vikas Reddy, Govardhan, Santhosh, Mentored by Mr. T. Vasudeva Reddy, Mr. Mudassar Basha and R. Anirudh Reddy
A project titled “Voice Controlled Assistive Hand" by A. Preethi and Sai Sushma Mentored by Mrs.Jayshree Das

TI ADC-2013 Consolation Prize
Project : ‘Time based Analog to Digital Convertor’ M.Himesh Srivastav ,G.Chaitanya R.Jayavardhan Reddy, K.Rahul mentored by Mr.B.Naresh Kumar

TI ADC-2013 Paper Presented at TI-Educators conference-2013, Bangalore.
Project : ‘PC Based Linear IC Tester’ A.Sreenivas Kumar, T.Venkatesh Siddiq Masood Ahmed, Vamshi Krishna mentored by Prof.Sanjay Dubey

Six Projects Participated for Final Round NIYANTRA-2013
Project 1 : Development of Cost Effective Baby Incubator for Rural Health Care’ G. Amuktha,B. Vani,M. Pallavi mentored by Mr.V.Santhosh Kumar
Project 2:‘Health Monitoring System of Soldiers Using NI LabVIEW’ P.Priyanka,Vyshnavi,P Tejesvi,C.S.Udya kumar Reddy,Hyma mentored by Mr.K.Rambabu
Project 3:‘Automatic Wheel Chair for Quadriplegic Patients using NI LabVIEW’ P.Ravali, Yellam, G.Amuktha, T.Banusri, S.Padmaja mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah
Project 4:‘Surveillance with Voice Commands using LabVIEW 8.5’ Sri Kavya Sudheshna Devi Pingali, Shashidhar Reddy Jonnala, Vamsee Pedda Reddivari, Pathloth Nirmala, Bijili Samadhana mentored by Mr.Shaik shafi
Project 5:‘Collision Hinder’ Vijay Chandra A, Swathi Ketharaju, Vinod Kumar .M mentored by Mr.Munnavar Hussain
Project 6:‘Location Indicator Assistive Device for Visually Challenged using NI LabVIEW’ S. Geetha, M. Spandana, N. Veena mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah

FIRST Prize for the Project at ELAN-2013

Project “Tele-operation of Robot using Gestures” in the prestigious ”ELAN-2013" conducted by IIT Hyderabad on 19th January 2013 by Farhan Mohammad, S. Kishore Reddy, Varun(CSE Dept) mentored by Prof. K.Prabhakara Rao

TI MCU-2012 Participated in Phase-I

Project : ‘An Automatic Control Mechanism for the Detection of Drunken Driving using FTIR Spectroscopy analysis’ A.Sreenivas Kumar, mentored by Prof.Sanjay Dubey

Project got 5th Rank EDUCATORS DAY -2012
Project : ‘Controlling Devices at Distant Areas without using Manual Switching” at Bangalore in National Instruments, Ashok,Anwesha,Harish,Kashyap , mentored by Mr.Sanjeev Reddy

Three Projects Participated for NIYANTRA-2012 Final Round
Project 1 : ‘Walking Stick Stimulator’, K.Amrusha, Divayasree, Keerthana, Farooq Shaik Farhan mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah
Project 2 :‘An FPGA Implementation of parallel Processing Algorithm for Robotics wheelchair using NI LabVIEW', Srinivas, N.Jagadeesh, M.Kiran, Ambica, R Dweditha, mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah
Project 3 :‘‘A Real Time Voice Machine for Dumb using Hand Gestures’ M.Prasad Ambica,R Dwedita, B K.Geetha Naresh ,B.Uday Kiran mentored by Mrs.Rajakumari VIMANTRA-2012

TI ADC-2011 Consolation Prize
Project : ‘Blind Navigator For Visually Challenged’ Durga , Spurthi E , Y.Sindhuri Reddy E mentored by Prof. Ashok Shigli

TI ADC-2010 Best First Runner-up Award
Project: ‘Quadriplegic Tilt Communicator with Monitoring System’, V. Akhila, Nithin Menon mentored by Dr. I. A. Pasha