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Welcome to BVRITN

ECE Research and Funded Projects

Electronics & Communication Engineering  Research and Funded Projects

Sponsored R & D Projects

Funded Project 1

Title : " Design & Development of an On-Board Nadi-Pariksha autonomous health care monitoring system using wireless sensor network " (on going)
Principal Investigator : Dr. Sanjay Dubey
Co-Principal Investigator :Dr. I A Pasha and Dr.M.C.Chinnaaiah
Agency :Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India
Scheme : Technology Interventions For Disabled & Elderly (TIDE) Program
Amount Sanctioned : Rs 63 lakhs
Duration : 3 years

Funded Project 2

Title : Wearable Circular Polarized Antennas for Military Personal Applications (on going)
Principal Investigator : Dr. B. R. Sanjeeva Reddy
Agency : Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India
Scheme : Early Career Research Award (ECR)
Amount Sanctioned : Rs.44,89,610
Duration : 3 years
File No : ECR/2016/000585
Research Fellows :Mr.Prasad, JRF

Funded Project 3

Title : A Companion type assistive system for Elderly People using VLSI based Service Robot (on going)
Principal Investigator : Dr. M C Chinnaiah
Agency : DST- Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India
Amount Sanctioned : Rs.49Lakhs
Duration : 3 years

Funded Project 4

Title : Design & Development of an Embedded Assistive YOGA System (ongoing)
Principal Investigator : Dr. M C Chinnaiah
Co-Principal Investigator : Dr. I A Pasha
Co-Principal Investigator : Prof. Sanjay Dubey
Agency : Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Scheme : Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM)
Amount Sanctioned : Rs 36,00,000
Duration : 3 years
File No : SR/SATYAM/469/2015
Research Fellows : Mr. T P Kausalya Nandan, Asst. Prof, Mr. Kishore Vennela, Asst. Prof, Mr. E. Bharat Babu, Asst. Prof, Mr. K. Rambabu, Asst. Prof., Mr.Subramanyam Raju

Funded Project 5

Title : Assistive devices for Quadriplegic and ALS patients(Completed)
Principal Investigator : Dr.I.A.Pasha
Agency : Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Scheme : Cognitive Science Initiative (CSI)
Amount Sanctioned : Rs 45,00,000
Duration : 3 years
File No : SR/CSI/133/2011
Research Fellows : Mr. Rakesh Sengupta, Research Associate, Mr.D.Hari Krishna, Ph.D Research Scholar, Mr.Jigar Kumar Patel, Senior Research Fellow, Mr. N.V.Jagadeesh, Junior Research Fellow

Funded Project 6

Title : Design and Development of Polyalphabetic Radar Signal processor for High Resolution Target detection(Completed)
Principal Investigator : Dr.I.A.Pasha
Agency : All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Scheme : Research Promotion Scheme (RPS)
Amount Sanctioned : Rs 16,05,000
Duration : 2 years
File No : 8023/RID/RPS-87( Pvt)/2011-12
Research Faculty and JRF : Jayshree Das, Ph.D Research Scholar

Funded Project 7

Title : Reconfigurable Real Time Signal Capturing using FPGA(Completed)
Principal Investigator : Jayshree Das
Mentor : Dr. I.A.Pasha
Agency : Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Scheme : Women Scientist Scheme- A
Amount Sanctioned : Rs 23,60,000
Duration : 3 years
File No : SR/WOS-A/ET/2012
Students involved : Ravi Teja,( M.Tech- VLSI system design)

Sponsored Brainstorming Meeting

Title : Brainstorming Meeting On Eye tracking and Pupillometry: A Window into Cognition And Cognitive Disorders(Completed)
Coordinator : Mr. M C Chinnaiah
Sponsored By : Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
Amount Sanctioned : Rs.8,50,000
Date : 8 th Feb, 2016

Sponsored Staff Development Program

Title : Assissitive Technology Devices & Rehabilitation Engineering(Completed)
Coordinator : Dr. I A Pasha
Sponsored By : All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi
Amount Sanctioned : Rs.7,00,000
Duration : 29th July to 11th August 2011