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BVRIT, a Zonal Lead Partner of Bennett's Leadingindia has started working on a two year Leadingindia's collaborative program in the domain of Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning with effect from May 2018. 

Vision of the Program

To create positive and professional environment to enable the researchers and faculty of our institution, and the students and community around us to equip with AI powered innovations and improving India's standing in AI technologies.

Mission of the Program

Skilling, launching products and applications, bringing new ideas to life, relevant projects, cutting edge research, generation of funds, proactive outreach to Industry and community. 

Research Group

This execution of the project is carried out by a research group involving the following members of BVRIT.

Name Role Designation Qualification Brief Profile
Dr. Dara Suresh Member Professor, CSE M.Tech, Ph.D  PROFILEIDLogo
Dr.  Jinka Sreedhar Member Associate Professor, CSE M.Tech, Ph.D  PROFILEIDLogo
Dr.  Syed Abudhagir Umar Member Associate Professor, ECE M.Tech, Ph.D  PROFILEIDLogo
Sainadh Singh Kshatri Member Assistant Professor, EEE M.Tech (Ph.D)  PROFILEIDLogo
R. Aarthi Priya Member Assistant Professor, IT M.Tech (Ph.D)  PROFILEIDLogo


Research Group Meeting at B V Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur.


Brief Activities of the Program

The research group is working towards research, development, skilling and outreach in the direction of AI & DL. The research group members of BVRIT and the identified members from Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) and other partner institutions have participated in workshops conducted by leadingindia. Two of the research group members are deputed on sabbatical leave to Bennett University to work on research projects related to ML & DL. An AI student club is formed and about 70 students are working for the projects in AI domain. 

Workshops and Training


BVRIT in association with the has organized a three day national work shop on “Deep Learning Skilling & Research” during 24-26, November 2018 at its campus at Narsapur. About 80 delegates from BVRIT and its partner institutions have attended the theory and lab sessions of the workshop conducted by Prof. Deepak Grag, Dr. Shridhar Swaminathan and Dr. Vipul Mishra of The workshop sessions have covered the topics such as deep learning, machine learning, design and optimization of different neural network models with reference to applications, image classification, object detection etc.

The Group Lead Dr. Ch. Venkateswarlu has participated in Leadingindia’s AI-DL Strategic Meet & IACC Conference held at Bennett University held at during 13th-15th Dec 2018.


Expected outcomes of AI-DL Program 

This program is progressing well with faculty research and student projects as well as with the proposals on further workshops and competitions.  This program is  expected to generate quality research papers, high level student research projects, grant projects along with the training/skilling of faculty and students in the domain of AI and DL.