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II B.Tech II Semester
Date 4-May-2020 5-May-2020 6-May-2020 7-May-2020 8-May-2020
10:00 AM to 10:15 AM A B C D E
10:15 AM to 10:30 AM B C D E A
10;30 AM to 10:45 AM C D E A B
10:45 AM to 11:00 AM D E A B C
11:00 AM to 11:30 AM E A B C D


III B.Tech II Semester
Date 4-May-2020 5-May-2020 6-May-2020 7-May-2020 8-May-2020
Subject OOAD WT CD PE-3 PE-2
5:00 PM to 5:15 PM A B C D E
5:15 PM to 5:30 PM B C D E A
5:30 PM to 5:45 PM C D E A B
5:45 PM to 6:00 PM D E A B C
6:00 PM to 6:15 PM E A B C D
S No Name of the Faculty Subject Handling No. of students Mode of Teaching(Skyps/Zoom/Jitsi/MOOCS ETC)
1 Dr.A.Jagan Ethical Hacking 68 ZOOM
2 Dr. Amjan Shaik Object Oriented Analysis and
67 Google Classroom, WhatsApp, Online Videos,Zoom
3 Dr. K. Subba Rao Object Oriented Analysis and Design 67 Google Classroom, WhatsApp, Mail, Online Videos
4 Dr. Suresh Dara Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence- III Year OE 40 Google Classroom, Google Form, Zoom
5 Dr. D. Lakshmi Compiler Design (III Year) 66 Google Classroom, Google Form, Zoom, WhatsApp, Mentimeter, Quizlet, Online Videos
6 Dr. Ashok Kumar Nanda Ethical Hacking, Foundation of Cybersecurity 80, 32 Zoom, Edmodo
7 Dr. M. Chiranjeevi Scripting Languages 104(2) Google Classroom, Zoom
8 Dr. K. PurnaChand Design and Analysis of Algorithms 65 Google Classroom, Google Forms, Zoom
9 Mr. T. Satish Babu E-Commerce 84 Edmodo,GoogleClassRoom
10 Mrs. Ch. Rajya Lakshmi Computer Organisation and Architecture 66 Zoom, Edmodo, Google Classroom
11 Mr. K. Karthik Design and Analysis of Algorithms 66 Google ClassRoom, Zoom
12 Mrs. L. Pallavi Web Technologies 66 Zoom, Google (classroom & docs)
13 Mr. G. Uday Kiran Formal Languages and
Automata Theory
65 Google Classroom, Google Forms, Zoom(Videos)
14 Mrs. P.M. Jyosthna Computer Organisation and Architecture 66 Google Classroom, Google Forms, Zoom(Videos)
15 Mr. V. Pradeep Kumar Scripting Languages 84 Edmodo,Zoom Videos
16 Mr. J. Ramesh Babu Compiler Design 71 Google forms, Google Docs
17 Mr. P. Bhaskara Rao Object Oriented Programming Through JAVA 64 Google Classroom
18 Mrs. Ch. Sreedevi Web Technologies 67 Google Classroom, Google forms Quizzes,zoom
19 Mrs. D. Jyothirmai Object Oriented Analysis
and Design
67 Google Classroom, Edmodo(Online Quiz)
20 Mr. D. Jagadeesh Web Technologies 67 Zoom, Online Videos
21 Mrs. G. Ramani Object Oriented Analysis and Design 71 Google Classroom, Edmodo
22 Mrs. B. Usha sri E-commerce 66 Google class room, Google form.
23 Mr. P.N.V Syamala Rao M Object Oriented Programming Through Java 65 Bandicam(Videos), CamStudio, Google Class Room, Google Quiz
24 Mr. T. Bharath Kumar Object Oriented Programming Through Java 66 NPTEL Videos, Google Classroom , Google Form & What'sApp for doubt clarification
25 Mrs. B. Deepthi Compiler Design 67 Google Classroom, Google Forms, Edmodo
26 Mr. S. Srinuvasarao Programming for Problem Solving 62 Google Classroom, Zoom Video Sessions, Moodle CMS
27 Mrs. J. Manjula Formal Languages and
Automata Theory
66 GoogleClassRoom, Mentimeter
28 Mr. P. Venkateswara Rao E-Commerce 84 Edmodo, GoogleClassRoom, Zoom.
29 Ms. Shaik Salma Formal Language Automata Theory 66 Edmodo, GoogleClassRoom,, Google Form - Quiz, Neso Academy, PowToon, Animated Videos
30 Mr. Md. Shabbeer Object Oriented Analysis and Design 66 Google Classroom, Edomodo and khaooth
31 Mr. S. Anjanayya Programming for Problem Solving 61 Google Classroom, Google Forms, Zoom
32 Mr. V. Punna Rao Computer Organization
& Architecture and
Compiler Design
130(2) ZOOM, NPTEL Videos
& Google Classroom
33 Mrs. V. Anitha Computer Organization & Architecture 131(2) ZOOM, EDPUZZLE,
34 Ms. Ayesha Naureen Principles of Internet of Thinngs 43 Google Classroom, google form quiz, animated videos sharing, case studies videos
35 Mrs. C. Anjanamma Principles of Internet of Things 45 Google Classroom, Google Forms
36 Mrs. T. Shilpa Formal Languages and
Automata Theory
65 Google Classroom, Kahoot
37 Mr. D. Abdus Subhahan Design and Analysis of Algorithms 132(2) Google Classroom
38 Ms. V. Srilakshmi Formal Languages and
Automata Theory
66 Google Classroom,Google Forms, Zoom(Videos)
39 Mrs. A. Vijaya Lakshmi Design and Analysis of algorithms 65 Google Classroom, Google Forms
40 Ms. Priyanka Web Technologies 71 Google Classroom, Google forms
41 Mrs. D. Deepika E-commerce 62 Google classroom, Google Forms
42 Mrs. P. Jhansi Devi Computer Graphics, Programming for Problem Solving 45, 60

Google Classroom, Online Quiz through Google Forms,Zoom,online Videos,NPTEL Assignments.

43 Mrs. K. Pranitha Programming for Problem Solving 60

Google classroom, Zoomclass, Google quizzes,Online videos,Nptel assignments.

44 Mr. CH. Mahesh Kumar Object Oriented
through JAVA
132(2) Google Classroom, Edmodo,
45 Ms. Nishath Ansari Web Technologies 67 Google Classroom, Google Forms Quizees and Online Videos
46 Revathi Ramisetti Gendersensitization 65 Online Videos,ppts

Final Year Project Reviews - I, II & III have been completed before lockdown. 

 Online Classes and Mini Project Discussion/Presentation (through Zoom Meetings)

Date Session1
(10:00 AM to 11:30 AM)
(2:00 PM  to 3:30 PM)
15-Apr-2020 MPD MPD
16-Apr-2020 CIS DSR
17-Apr-2020 IS Lab IS Lab
18-Apr-2020 IRS OOSE
20-Apr-2020 DSR CIS
21-Apr-2020 DS Lab DS Lab
22-Apr-2020 OOSE IRS
23-Apr-2020 MPD MPD
24-Apr-2020 CIS DSR
25-Apr-2020 DS Lab DS Lab
27-Apr-2020 IRS OOSE
28-Apr-2020 IS Lab IS Lab
29-Apr-2020 DSR CIS
30-Apr-2020 OOSE IRS
1-May-2020 MPP MPP
2-May-2020 MPP MPP


Code Subjects Faculty
CIS Cryptography and
Information Security
DS R Data Science using R Dr.K.Purna Chand
OOSE Object Oriented
Software Engineering
Dr.Amjan Shaik
IRS Information Retrieval
Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar
IS Lab IS Lab Mrs.P.M.Jyothsna
DS Lab DS Lab Dr.K.Purna Chand
Mini Project Discussion/
Mini Project Presentation
Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar/

There are 700 students and 30 faculties are on boarded to NASSCOM Future Skills platform “Edcast” from CSE, ECE, EEE, IT & Mechanical Engineering Departments. During COVID – 19 lockdown, The following NASSCOM activities are performed at BVRIT, Narsapur.

  1. NASSCOM QP (Security Analyst) course is conducting through zoom for interested students from ECE & EEE branches.
  2. As per NASSCOM usage generated report on 08 April 2020:
    • The total no. certifications completed and in – progress break up details given below:
        Completed In - Progress
        Faculty 2nd Yr. 3rd Yr. Faculty 2nd Yr. 3rdYr.
        5 141 106 25 129 118
      Total 252 272
    • Many faculties and students have completed and in-progress in “Introduction” courses of Simplilearn’s. Such as:
      •  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
      • Introduction to Data Analytics
      • Introduction to Cyber Security
      • Introduction to IoT
      • Introduction to Robotics Process Automation
      • Introduction to Project Managemen
  3. NASSCOM will organize 05 days National Virtual Hackathon “Crack the COVID-19” in association with IBM during 01 – 05 May 2020. The registration link and some important dates are mentioned below:
    • Registration duration: 20 – 30 April 2020•
    • The registration link:
    • Winners Announce: 13 May 2020
  4. NASSCOM will organize online workshops and webinars “Cloud Skills” partnership with Amazon AWS for both faculties and students during 22 Apr – 02 May 2020.
  5. NASSCOM Future Skills has organized the below mentioned webinars / hands-on webinars for our faculties and students:
    No Title of Webinar Date Duration
    1 IoT 17 Mar’ 2020 11:30 Am – 1:00 PM
    2 Courses in new technologies 26 Mar’ 2020 11:00 AM -12:00 PM
    3 Virtually led instructor training (VLIT) 26 Mar’ 2020
    Software Engineering
    03:00 PM -04:30 PM
    4 Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings and Presentations 03 Apr’ 2020 11:30 AM -12:30 PM
    5 Cyber Security 03 Apr’ 2020 04:00 PM -05:00 PM
    6 Hands-on workshop on ‘Big Data Analytics with SPARK’ 06 Apr’ 2020 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
    7 BlockChain Technologies 07 Apr’ 2020 02:30 PM -04:30 PM
    8 Hands-on workshop on “Cyber Security” with CISCO. 09 Apr’ 2020 3:15 PM -04:30 PM
    9 Artificial Intelligence, titled “Let her learn, let her lead” for only women. 14 Apr’ 2020 03:00 PM -04:30 PM
    10 Artificial Intelligence 16 Apr’ 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    CIS Edge Computing 16 Apr’ 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  6. Our Future Skill students and faculties interested to write NASSCOM Foundation assessment test (Competent Based Certifications) during lock down period.


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