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Excellent hostel facilities have been provided for the students. At present there are three separate hostels in which two are meant for boys and one for girl students. The campus has accommodation available for about 500 boys and 200 girls and new buildings are under construction to facilitate more students from this academic year. Both the hostels have water heating facility, chilled mineral water and recreational facilities.

How to avail hostel facility

Students are supposed to request/register for hostel facility through e-Cap ( Hostels In-charge will monitor and approve the request based on the availability.

Vivakanandha Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 160 studnets
Sir C V Raman Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 204 Students
Tagore Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 92 Students
Nalanda Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 160 Students
New Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 168 Students
PG Boys Hostel
Total occupancy 18 Students
Pratibha Girls Hostel
Total occupancy 156 Students
Spoorthy Girls Hostel
Total occupancy 270 Students

Boys Hostel inside the Room

Girls Hostel inside the Room