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Ms.P.Kavitha Reddy

Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – Electronics and Communication Engineering, Trr engineering college for women 2014
M.Tech: – Embedded Systems, B V Raju Institute of Technology

Teaching Experience – 3 years 3 months 

JNTU Registration No –: 6996-170520-155438
BVRIT ID –: 846
Ratification Status-: Ratified 

  1. Embedded Systems
  1. Embedded Systems
  2. Neural Networks

E & ICT Academy:

  1. Learn IoT thriugh Arduino & RaspberryPi.


Coursera :

  1. Interfacing with the Arduino
  2. New Product Development – develop your own new product
  3. Smart Device & Mobile Emerging Technologies
  4. Building Arduino robots and devices
  5. Introduction to Architecting Smart IoT Devices
  6. AI For Everyone
  7. Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems



  1. AI Chatbots without programming
  1. TI special lab member.
  2. Member of IETE student form.
  3. Member of higher eductaion and internship
  4. Department monthly report preparation Incharge.
  5. IQAC Department member.
  1. Btech projets guided:10students
  2. Journals & conferences published:10
  1. Five days FDP on Recent Trends and Future Applications in Electronics and Communication Technologies from 29-05-2020 to 02-06-2020
  2. One week FDP on Recent Trends in VLSI from 02-06-2020 to 07-06-2020
  3. One week FDP on Emerging Trends in Electronics & Communication Engineering form 05-06-2020 to 10-06-2020
  4. Three days FDP on “Smart Applications Development using IoT: Arduino” from 29-06-2020 to 01-07-2020
  5. One week Faculty Development Programme(FDP) on “Internet of Things” Organised by E & ICT Academy, NIT Warangal from 26/8/19-31/8/2019.
  6. Attended One-week online Faculty Development Program on “IoT & Machine Learning” Organized by GPREC – Kurnool from 26th June 2020 to 30th June 2020
  7. Attended One-week online Faculty Development Program on “IoT & Machine Learning” Organized by GPREC – Kurnool from 26th June 2020 to 30th June 2020
  1. System on chip Architecture: An Overview on 20th June 2020
  2. Industrial Automation on 12th July 2020
  3. MATLAB & Simulink Fundamentals & its Application in AI on 23rd July 2020
  4. MSP 430 Microcontroller and Project Designing on 25th July 2020
  5. IoT on 19th July 2020
  6. Wireless Sensors Networks and Applications on 16th August 2020.
  7. Automation using Programmable Logic Controller on 18th August 2020
  2. “STTP on Radar Signal Processing and IoT Applications” from 16/8/2020-20/6/2020.
  1. T.Vasudeva Reddy, K.Madava Rao, P.Kavitha Reddy had published a paper titled” Design of FinFET based 128 bit SRAM in 7nm & various Effects near-threshold operation for ultra-low-power application.
  2. T.Vasudeva Reddy, K.Madava Rao, P.Kavitha Reddy had published a paper titled”MEMS Design Techniques and Performance”.
  3. P Kavitha reddy N.RISHITHA, M.V.SAHITHI, P.AKSHITHA, had published a paper titled”WATER QUALITY MEASUREMENT DEVICE”.
  4. P. Kavitha reddy, Prashanth Kumar, N.shashank, Sri charan had published a paper titled”ATM security system using fingerprint and GSM module”.
  5. P. Kavitha Reddy, K.Rohith Kumar, Ch. Kranthi Kumar, M. Avinash, K.Sai Chandan Reddy . had published a paper titled”GPS and GSM based Border Alert System using MSP430G2553″
  6. P. Kavitha Reddy , K.Rohith Kumar, Ch. Kranthi Kumar, M. Avinash, K. Sai Chandan Reddy had published a paper titled”VEHICLE THEFT CONTROL SYSTEM USING MSP430G2553″
  7. T.Vasudeva Reddy,B.Naresh Kumar,P.Kavitha Reddy”3gpp based LTE Network Architecture for Board Band Wireless Communication”.RAPIDEET conference held at BVRITN 24-25 April 2018.
  8. A paper on “OXYGEN LEVEL SUSTAINER” by D.Ruchitha & P.Kavitha Reddy published a paper in “International Journal of Engineering Technologies in Engineering Research (IJETER)” Vol 6 Issue 2 Feb 2018.
  9. A paper on “DIGI SLATE” by Pooja Reddy,Sai Prasanna,KavithaReddy,VasudevSanjay Dubey has published a paper in Interational Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology(IJRASET)” Vol 6 Issue 1 jan 2018.
  10. P.Kavitha Reddy,T. Vasudeva Reddy & K.Madhava Rao has pubished a paper titled “Design,Simulation & Comparision of Novel TG8T SRAM with traditional SRAM Design”,in Open Access International Journal of Science & Engineering(OAIJSE)”ISSN 2456-3293 vol 2 Issue 2 Dec 2017