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In addition to grant-in-aid projects, the institute has taken up the following projects involving faculty and students
Title of the Project Project Coordinator 
Air quality monitoring at BVRIT    Dr. Rambabu (Civil Eng) 
Water supply monitoring Dr. Rambabu (Civil Eng) 
Sewage treatment monitoring   Dr. Srinivas (Chem Eng) 
Waste management   Dr. Sridevi (Civil Eng) 
Fresh air circulation improvement in class rooms and seminar halls  Dr. Vijay Kumar (Civil Eng) 
Traffic and security monitoring using image data analysis from CC cameras   Dr. H. Sujana (requested for replacement) (ATL) 
Internal electrical safety audit  (Dr) Bangarraju (EEE) 
Electrical lighting loads  management using smart sensors  Dr. Bhoopal (EEE) 
Multidimensional view of rotating like sphere   Mr. Chandra Sekhar  (EEE) 
Software Apps   Mr. Srinuvasa Rao (CSE) 
Vlibrary  Ms. Gayathri (IT)