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S.No. Application No. Date of Filing Title of Invention Investigator Details Remarks
1 1913 /CHE/2010 04th May 2010 A mechanism to provide perfect steering condition in four wheel vehicle Prof.A.Padma Rao, Mechanical Published 2012
2 704 /CHE/2010  15th Jun 2010 A mechanism for Steering of a four wheeler. Prof.A.Padma Rao, Mechanical Published 2012
3 847 /CHE/2011  18th Mar 2011 A material testing machine and a method for assessing the strength bearing capacity of a given matter” Prof.Altaf Hussain, Chemical Published  2014 
4 241388 12th Dec 2011 World low cost home gym equipment Prof.Altaf Hussain, Chemical Published  2014
5 861 /CHE/2015 24th Feb 2015 System and Method for use of Smart Mobile Language as a Computation and Communication on Mobility Devices and Software Applications enabling Green Computing and Communication Prof.Dasaradha Ramaiah, IT Published 2015
6 2/3830 /2016/CHE 30th Dec 2016 VLSI Architecture for robot navigation in semi structured indoor environment Prof.M.C.Chinnaiah, ECE Published 2017