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Center for Employability Enhancement

Employability of Engineering graduates and their ability to deliver to the industry expectations after they are hired has been a matter of concern, engaging the attention of academics and industry alike on this issue. The NASSCOM and McKinsey report indicates that only 25% of our engineering graduates are directly employable and the situation has changed significantly in the last five years. Experts in this line of thought opine that the students, though educated are seldom employable, as they lack skills in areas which are the most sought after by the industry.

In order to develop the skills of their students which the Industry demands from an entry level employee, BVRIT Narsapur  has launched a new school called Centre for Employability Enhancement (CEE) at its Campus on 2nd of January, 2014.  The training on employability skills will help them connect with industry before they step into employment. Providing such training would have twin benefits – firstly, the students will be well-prepared to enter the job market, which will positively impact their productivity at the work place and secondly, companies will be spared of the huge amounts of investments required on pre-employment training, especially in areas like soft skills.

In a multipronged approach, the Centre focuses on improving English proficiency, Analytical and Logical skills, Personality development and software knowledge of Industry requirement.