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Student Information (E-Cap)

ECAP aims at immediate availability of data in required formats that ease the work of staff and management and increase in transparency and accountability in administration. Some of the important features of ECAP are

  • Internet or Intranet enabled Application.
  • User Levels with Access Rights for Data Security.
  • Course/Batch/Category/Student Fee Dues Reports.
  • Tracks Performance of Scholarship Students.
  • Fee/Attendance Reminders and Progress Reports.
  • Attendance & Marks Analysis.
  • Integration with Attendance Capturing Devices.
  • Accounts Module similar to Tally.
  • Payroll Integrated Staff Module.
  • Payroll Integrated Staff Module.
  • Barcode Integrated Library Module.
  • Login for Students/Parents to access data online.

Note: ECAP content is available on