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Club InQuizitive

Club In’QUIZitive is an initiative that aids BVRIT students in enhancing their General Awareness and Communication Skills. The main objective is not only to help students prepare for CAT, GMAT, GRE, HR rounds in Placements, etc but also for their all-round development. CI has four unique wings under it providing a wide range of soft skills for students.

Faculty Lead, Club InQuizitive:
A.L.Kishore, Associate Professor, BVRITN,, 9866741971

E-CELL : The Entrepreneurship Club


To foster an entrepreneurial mindset through hands-on workshops, events, and competitions which encourages innovation, creativity, and the cultivation of business ideas among students.


E-Cell conducts various events to enhance Entrepreneurial spirit and to develop Start up culture among students. It provides a platform where students can explore the entrepreneur in them.


E-Summit, E-talks, E-Plexsis, Business Boot camp, Business Symposium, Rise of the Unicorn Etc

Note:  E-Cell supports students and creates a culture of curiosity and creative idea pursuit by engaging with entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and successful startups

Faculty Lead /Initiator: A.L.Kishore

Student Lead: Goutham & Rishikesh

This club will create an air wherein students regularly get habituated to reading some good English Novels (both fiction and non-fiction) / magazines, etc. The main objective of the club is to inculcate the habit of reading English among the students that could enhance their English Language Skills and also conduct events like Elocution and Essay writing to improve their communication skills.

Number of Events
conducted for the
past two years.
Event TitleDate of the eventStudent Strength
Essay Writing05-02-2020
Elocution 28.08.2128-08-2021

Student Leads:
Kruthik Rao, 9963711006
Deekshitha Reddy, 7032299466

(Just One Lively Talk)
BVRIT Podcast Club

Objective The main objective of this podcast club is to deliver informative and educational content to both students and faculty. We’ll be featuring interviews with industry experts, faculty members, alumni, and even students. JOLT club fosters community, cultivates diverse perspectives, and enhances intellectual engagement by providing a shared platform for members to explore and discuss a wide range of audio content.


Short-term goals:

  • To have a listeners / audience base of 500-600 in the beginning
  • Promoting it through Social Media
  • Collaborate with other Alumni

Intermediate Goals:

  • Increasing Listener engagement
  • Expanding our audience base
  • Inviting high profile guests
  • To reach all the Students of Vishnu Society

Long Term Goals:

  • Establishing as a reputed source of information
  • Expand to other platforms and formats
  • Develop a strong online presence
  • Expand beyond the college community

Faculty LEAD: A. L. Kishore

Student Leads: Gowtham Varma, Sai Satwik & Priya

Once upon a time is a storytelling club where students will be given unique themes and participants must frame a story using the theme. This will enhance students’ capability of diffusing a critical problem and providing listeners with an accurate idea of the problem through a story.

Number of Events
conducted for the
past two years.
Event TitleDate of the eventStudent Strength
5Once upon a Time 1.012-09-2019Event 1: 52
Once upon a Time 2.005-09-2019Event 2: 105
What If 30-01-2020Event 3: 90
Once Upon a Time04-09-2021Event 4: 78
Storython08-12-2021Event 5: 65

Student Lead:
B. Bhagyesh Reddy

WORDCRAFTERS – Vocabulary Club


To enable clear and precise communication, allowing club members to express their thoughts and ideas effectively.


Wordcrafters engage in a plethora of activities that enhance their language/vocabulary skills and promote a love for words.


Some of the activities planned for 2024 –

Word Of The Day, Vocabulary Quizzes, Debates, Guest Speakers, Word Games, Word Challenges, Community Outreach, Story Telling, Product Presentations, Etc

Note: Our aim is to keep the activities engaging and interactive to foster a sense of enthusiasm for language and vocabulary among club members. Adapting and varying the activities to cater to the interests and skill levels of the participants is very important.

Faculty Lead /Initiator: A.L.Kishore

Student Lead: Arya Krishna Kumar CSD

The main objective of World Around Us is to enhance the art of communication, confidence, fluency, and time management among students at BVRITN. Our team presents a news bulletin every fortnight in the fields of Science and Technology, Sports, National, Business, International and to let students know about current advancements around the globe.

Number of Events
conducted for the
past two years.
Event TitleDate of the eventStudent Strength
5Demo WAU session28-08-201960+
WAU Session (1st yr Girls)29-08-2019
WAU Session (1st yr Boys)07-09-2019
WAU Session 2 (Girls/Boys)26-09-2019
WAU Session–1 (Sem 2)19-02-2022

Student Leads:
Hemanth, 9381122095
N.Alekhyaa, 9515135590