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Vishnu Space Engineering Center

Vishnu Space Engineering Center.

Coordinators of the center:

  1. Dr. Jayshree Das
  2. Dr. B. R. Sanjeeva Reddy
  3. Mr. Ramesh Deshpande
  4. Dr.G. Srinivas



Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) and Dhruva Space Private Limited, Hyderabad signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 18, 2019 to explore opportunities for academic exchange and collaboration between both parties supporting the establishment of Vishnu Space Engineering Laboratory in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, B V Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur Campus, Medak, India

MOU was signed by Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad, Principal, BVRITN and Mr.Sanjay Nekkanti, Dhruva space private limited, Hyderabad in presence of Sri K. V. Vishnu Raju, Chairman, SVES & Sri Ravichandran Rajagopal, Vice chairman, SVES and the agreement signaled the start of a new phase of collaboration to strengthen experiential learning model for student projects and more meaningful with the involvement of faculty and students of SVES.

Training sessions carried by experts of Dhruva space would give a context and platform for more holistic understanding of the issues and challenges taken up under Vishnu space operation center   


                      Exchange of MOU between SVES and Dhruva Space Private Limited                 

        Mr. Aditya Vissam, Secretary of SVES visited the ECE Department Research laboratories on 12th Nov 2020 and interacted with the Faculty team of Dhruva space Laboratory

Partnership goals:

  1. Student and faculty must hold a HAM grade license
  2. Establish the ground station infrastructure as initial phase and enable broad understanding of training activities which further show impact on opportunities to the students
  3. Built ground station can track the amateur satellites orbiting in lower earth orbit and to establish a communication link with the satellites.
  4. To track the satellite, the ground station has to calculate and predict the pass of the satellite over the ground station and the calculations of the satellite’s position which can be based on known orbit parameter such as Two Line Element (TLE).

Current status:

As part of initial phase, BVRIT in coordination with Dhruva space private limited will setup a complete Space Operations Centre (SOC) at Narsapur Campus. This SOC is essential for any satellite mission and it shall be capable of receiving, processing and displaying   data   from   existing   satellites.   It shall   include   hardware   including transceivers, antennas, workstations with data walls and associated hardware. The hardware shall be augmented with a Mission Control and Operations software that can be used as-is or modifiable with add-ons to suit future mission requirements.