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Post Matric Courses approved by the concerned University/Board having a duration of 1 year and above





Scholarships are not awarded for training courses like


Unless the date for registration has been extended you cannot register as the epass portal will not allow you to register. Please register in time to avoid disappointment!

To receive a scholarship, every student must have a bank account in any of the nationalized scheduled banks.

Every student or college who desires to change his bank account to the one given on the website will have to submit the original bank documents with account particulars to the concerned welfare officers who can then submit a change request to the PMU.

Where colleges want to change their bank account they will have to furnish a no objection certificate from the existing bank and a no objection from the new bank for making a change request for the bank account

The process of verification is essentially meant to check whether the particulars given in the scholarship form are correct as per the documents enclosed. The verification is done in two steps namely college verification and Independent verification.

  1. College Verification: In this verification, the college principal has been mandated to verify the documents furnished by each student with the entry made in the application form. Once the verification is completed and all entries are found correct, he would finally sign the same and send it to the department for verification by the verification officer appointed by the District Collector
  2. Verification by the Verification Officer: the verification officer appointed by the District Collector will conduct physical and documentary verification and submit his report either accepting or rejecting the scholarship application.
  3. Scrutiny by the Welfare Officer: before each and every application is taken up for sanction it is the responsibility of the welfare officer to satisfy himself of the verification by the college principal and the verification officer and finally sanction the scholarship.

A post-matric scholarship is a scholarship which is granted to students by the welfare departments of the Govt. for enabling eligible students who have passed tenth class (SSC examination or equivalent to pursue post-matric studies such as intermediate, ITI, polytechnic, professional courses, graduate and postgraduate courses, Ph.D., etc.

A post-matric scholarship has two components namely reimbursement of the tuition fee(RTF) to the college and maintenance fee to the student (MTF).

The reimbursement of tuition will be dependent on the course you pursue. While most of the courses are eligible for 100% of the tuition fee as fixed by the government. Self-financed courses are eligible only for a maximum of Rs. 20,000 or the actual fee charged by the college, whichever is less.

Scholarships are granted only after admission to a college and are subject to verification and eligibility. Only those who are eligible will be granted a scholarship. The steps for a scholarship are given as under:

  1. Secure admission to a college
  2. Apply online for a scholarship through the concerned welfare department ( SC/ST/BC/EBC/DW/MW)
  3. Verification by the college principal
  4. Verification by theVerification officer
  5. Scrutiny by the Welfare Officer
  6. Sanction of the scholarship
  7. Submission of the bill online to the treasury
  8. Sanction of the bill and upload of amounts into student (MTF)and college (RTF) bank accounts

Please visit the epass website at and click on the scholarship status button given in the middle of the web page. Furnish your application ID and other details are required. Upon furnishing the details you will get a detailed statement showing the different transactions on your application

Students who belong to the categories of SC, ST whose annual parental income is Rs. two lakhs below and BC, EBC, disabled welfare students whose parental income is rs. one lakh below. Students whose attendance is 75% at the end of each quarter.

No, the scholarship can be claimed only for the current year. Scholarships for the previous year can not be claimed under any circumstances.

Scholarships are paid based on the fee notified by the government from time to time. In some cases, the college fee was wrongly specified by the concerned authority in such cases you may make a representation to the concerned Head of Department for rectifying the mistake and payment of the differential amount. For detail of fee structures for various courses please visit the home page of this website and click on fee structure. Please note there are as many as 12000 courses and 1,44,000 fee structures.

The email id and mobile number are required to send you automatic communication of your application status from time to time. Secondly, when the scholarship amount is sanctioned you will be sent an SMS message on your mobile phone. In case you do not have a mobile phone you can furnish the mobile number of your parents and friends and neighbors. This is an additional failure to be provided to the student and college for ascertaining the transaction status.

The District Collector appoints verification officers for one or more colleges depending on the number of students in the college. The verification process is a two-step verification process:

  1. Verification by the College Principle: All applications are to be verified individually by the college and signed by the principal of the college.
  2. Verification by the verification officer: The verification officer will have to verify all the students in the college on an appointed date and time.

The details of the verification officer can be viewed on this website by clicking on the verification officer details given on the right side of the web page.

The scholarship registration is open only for a specific period of time by the government. All students and colleges must file their applications for registration only during this period of time. once the period is over the facility for registration will no longer be available on the website. No scholarship can be given to a student who has not registered on the epass website

The Student belonging to Economically Backward Classes are not eligible for MTF for all the courses. They are also not eligible for RTF for Intermediate Courses.

Students of AP belonging to SC & ST Community are eligible for a scholarship when they study in the Premier institutions notified by the Ministry of Social Justice. You may visit the website of the Ministry of Social Justice & empowerment under the title “Central sector scheme for top-class education”.

You can get the details of the Scholarship given in G.O MS No 66 SW(Edn.2)/2010 Dept dated 8.9.2010. a copy of the G.O can be downloaded from ePass website under the G.Os and memos menu.

In addition to the G.O Ms. 66 SW(Edn.2),/2010 dated 8.9.2010 a number of instructions are given from time to time and constantly uploaded on the website. You can have a look at the detailed instructions given.

Wherever the application number is not being accepted by the online system or you get a message ” student not found in the database” kindly meet the welfare officer along with the original documents to help you in the data entry process. the welfare officer will examine your original documents and then only cause the entry to be done. Once your name is entered you can fill in the relevant details later.

You are eligible for a scholarship under the PMS scheme. Since you cannot enter the data directly, you will have to meet the district welfare officer concerned to address your problem. Students from outside A.P. are not eligible for a scholarship.

The data of the SSC from 2005 to the current date is linked to the scholarship database. The data for the CBSE is also linked from 2005 onwards. where you have a problem registering for a scholarship, you can immediately contact the district welfare officer concerned for assisting you in the matter.

The income certificate is issued to a student based on an income affidavit given as a declaration by the student. wrongful declaration off income may lead to criminal prosecution as per the law. Please ensure that you get a certificate of income from the concerned MRO with his employee code and stamp which is affixed clearly. All incomplete certificates will be summarily rejected. For details on the income declaration form, please refer to the home page of this website under G.O and circulars.