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Mr K Sreekanth

Assistant Professor

PG: CN&IS, JNTUH, 2011

UG: B.Tech, JNTU, 2005


Teaching Experience:  14 years 06 months

Research Experience:  _ _ years _ _ months

Industry Experience:  01 years 06 months


Contact Number: 8886733772

BVRITN Employee ID: BVRIT01171

JNTUH Registration ID: 85150407-155036

AICTE Registration ID:

  1.  Cloud computing
  2.  Big Data Analytics
  3. Machine Learning
  1. Python Essentials

1) ID Related Detached Supportable Data Tenure In Different Cloud Servers—IJRECS Volume Volume-5

2) Optimal Pricing Method For Online Tranctions——-IJGIS  Vol-1—Isss-Ii

3) Auditing Mechanisms for out Sourced Cloud Storage with Anonymous Id—-Ijtsr—Vol- 2-Iiss-1

4) Establishing Source of Spoofing Attack Using Hybrid Trace Back Scheme—-Ijarcce-Vol-2-Issue-9

5) A Survey On Spatiotemporal Approaches In Sensor Networks.—–Ijert—Vol-1-Iss-7

6) Enhanced Approaches for Online Fraud Detection Systems


1) 5 -Day FDP on Modern& Innovative Tools in Engineering Education.

2) 2 – Day National Level Workshop Sponsored By CSIR-Ml for Human Robotics Collaboration And AI Awareness

3) 1 Week FDP On Ml & DS with Practical Approach For Engineering Applications

4) 2 Day FDP on Cloud Computing

5) 2 Week ISTE STTP On Introduction to Design Of Algorithms

6) 2 Day FDP on Linux Internals

7) Faculty Summit on Big Data (Trix)

8) 1 Week AICTE-Sponsored Workshop on Cloud Computing

9) 3 Day Workshop on Rough Sets Approach for Engineering Applications

10) Exuberanza-2k12-Faculty Coordinator

11) 3 Day FDP on Recent Trends in Data Mining

12) FDP On Effective Teaching Methodologies

13) 3 Day Work Shop on .Net Technologies.

14) National Conference on DMDW

15) 3 Day Work Shop on   Embedded Systems

16) IBM Blue Mix Certificate

17) Coursera for PP everybody