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Department of IT & CSBS: A short term course on capstone project-based AI and Machine Learning algorithms by Mr. K Naveen Kumar, ML subject expert and PhD Research Scholar, IIT Hyderabad.

Mr. K Naveen Kumar is a subject expert for AIML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) who has a deep and comprehensive practical exposure on AI and machine learning technologies, algorithms, and applications.

The short term course is scheduled for a duration of 3 months starting from 09 December 2023 onwards in Offline (Saturday) and Online mode (Week days).  

A short term course on capstone project-based AI and Machine Learning algorithms is focused on development and demonstration of project-based AI and Machine Learning algorithms in real-world scenarios.

The outcome based training sessions are planned to create a step-by-step process for implementation of AI & ML based projects on real-time datasets.

The duration for hands-on training and implementation of advanced level capstone project on AI and Machine Learning (AIML) algorithms is scheduled for 3 months which includes implementation of basic level project to advanced level capstone project in real-world scenarios.

Mr. K Naveen Kumar is an expert from IIT Hyderabad & AIML professional with specialized knowledge, experienced in development of advanced level capstone projects on AI and Machine Learning, and also expertise in the cutting edge technologies within a specific domain knowledge.

IITs experts have a deep understanding, practical exposure on AIML related applications and understanding of how AI and ML can be effectively utilized to address industry-specific challenges and drive innovations.

Course completion certificates will be issued to the active participants!!!

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Dr. K  Bhima – Coordinator
Dr. K Dasaradha Ramaiah- Convener

Dr. Sanjay Dubey- Principal
Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad- Director