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Dept. of IT: A hands-on session on “Web Application Security” by Harish S A, IIT Hyderabad on 27-04-2023

Department of Information Technology is organizing a Hands-on session on Web Application Security by Harish S A, IIT Hyderabad which is scheduled on 27-04-2023 to provide great exposure and hands-on training on Web Application Security to the students by involving them in live applications which makes them work in the real-time application being equipped with all the skills required to manage the Web Application Security.

Resource Person Details: Harish S A, Ph.D. Sholar (PMRF), IIT Hyderabad

This seminar is a part of the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme. A Participation certificate will be issued for all participants.

Thanks and regards

Dr.K  Bhima & M Amarendhar Reddy- Coordinators
Dr.K Dasaradha Ramaiah- Convener

Dr. Sanjay Dubey- Principal

Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad- Director