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441 KWP Solar PV Plant

441 KWP Solar PV Plant. Inauguration of 341 kWp Grid-tied Rooftop Solar PV Power Plant at BVRIT Harnessing the Solar has always been the one of its key drivers at B V Raju Institute of Technology in its Go Green initiatives with the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic plant on their buildings. BVRIT would be […]

INDNOR Solar R&D Project

INDNOR Solar R&D Project. Background The Governments of India & Norway had signed a protocol some years ago for the promotion of various technologies including clean and green technologies. BVRIT as the academic partner has entered into a three way tie up with Elkem solar, Norway (Research partner) and Titan Energy Systems ltd (Industry Partner). […]

Center for Automotive Electronics (CAE)

Center for Automotive Electronics (CAE) About Harita Techserv: Leveraging the established legacy of the TVS Group, Harita Techserv provides a solution for companies facing talent acquisition challenges in the technical engineering field.  Recognizing the complexities of today’s business environment, Harita offers flexible, on-demand engineering design solutions and targeted sourcing of highly qualified technical resources.  Their […]