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Particle Technology Lab

The Particle Technology Lab of Chemical Engineering Department, B.V.Raju Institute of Technology is anInter disciplinary lab focusing on projects concerning to powders and particles related to cement, pharma, metallurgical and chemical industries.  Various research and consultancy activities carried out at the particle technology lab are as follows.

Physical facilities:

  • Compression testing machine
  • VICAT apparatus
  • Vibrating machine
  • Mortar Mixer
  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • Muffle furnace
  • Air permeability apparatus
  • Sieves SETHI

Software’s facilities:

  • ANSYS Fluent

Research and Analysis works:

  • Powder Composition
  • Powder Characterization*
  • Flowability studies
  • Physical characteristics
  • Cold model studies
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of process

*Particle morphology (SEM/TEM), Crystallographic (XRD), Surface area, Pore volume and Particle Size Distribution (BET)etc. shall be carried out with the help of nearby laboratories.    

Consultancy Services:

Design, Troubleshooting, Performance improvement studies to the industries the following equipment:

  • Fixed Bed Dryers/Reactors/Adsorbers/ Desorbers
  • Fluidized bed dryers
  • Moving beds
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Settling Tanks
  • Particle Scrubbers
  • Conveyors

Contact Details:

Dr. G. Srinivas
Assistant Professor, Dept of CHE
Email Id:
Phone No:+91 8985233323