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Assistant Professor. Basic Sciences & Humanities

 Ph.D from KL University in 2024
Post-Graduation in MA – English Literature from Andhra University in2006.
Graduation in B.Com from Sri Krishnadevaraya University in 2003.
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] in English from Osmania University in 2011.
Post Graduate in Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGDELT) from Osmania University 2018.

Teaching Experience – 18 years

BVRIT Employee ID: 946
+91 9052523290
JNTUH Registration ID:

  1. Oxford University Press online member
  2. Member of ELTAI English Language Teachers Association of India
  3. Member of NATE national association of teachers English
  4. Member of British Library on-line
  5. J-Gate online membership
  1. Critical Thinking
  • ELT
    1. Participated in the workshop on Trainers Training on Academic perspective in MRCET college on 8-12-2010
    2. Participated in the 150th birth anniversary of Swamy Vivekananda a three day national youth festivals from 10th to12th January 2012
    3. Conducted National level technical fest TECHQUEST-2K12 during 12th and 13th October-2012 as a chief convenor
    4. Conducted National level Technical fest TECHQUEST-2K12 during 12th& 13th OCT-2012 as a convenor.
    5. Acted as a judge of group discussion during 12th& 13th OCT 2012 National level Technical fest TECHQUEST-2K12.
    6. Participated in a workshop on “teaching communication skills & soft skills” conducted by JNTU-H, organised by global minds on 30th NOV 2013.
    7. Participated in FDP in “Back to Basics” by ShivaShivani Institution of Management on 17-12-2013.
    8. Participated in FDP in “Institution building – The role of the faculty” conducted by SSIM on 09-08-2014.
    9. Participated in faculty orientation program on 24-07-2014 by JNTU-H & ELSDM.
    10. Participated in two days National workshop on “Gender Sensitization” during 4-5 Dec 2015 conducted by JNTU-H.
    11. Participated in YuvaSankalpa Divas conducted by Bharat Toady on January 12th 2016
    12. Participated in the three days training for softskills programme conducted GHMC-Speaker is B.V Pathabhiram
    13. Participated in faculty enablement program on best practices in facilitation skills during 27th – 29th Sep 2016, conducted by TASK & Infosys.
    14. Participated in FDP on 22-10-2016 on the topic teachers’ convention, conducted by VIHE (Vivekananda Institution Human Excellence) Ramakrishna Math, Hyd.
    15. Participated and also organised a one day National level faculty Development program (FDP) on “How to become a great teacher” held on Dec 6th
    16. Attended a Workshop on Employability skills and Entrepreneurships conducted by TASK Sept.12th 2019
  1. Presented a paper in IIAR Continental Conference IJOAASE on A Dossair on English Language Nature Idioms November 2017 Volume 5 Issue 11 ISSN:2320-6136
  2. Presented a paper in International Conference MRITICIST 2018 on problems and remedies of teaching English language reading and writing skills for B.Tech students under JNTU –H 19 th& 20th 2018 January ISBN 978-93-83038-61-9
  3. Presented a paper on Critical Thinking : Improving Speaking Skills in English Language Labs and class rooms in an International Conference on Emerging Innovative Trends in Engineering and Managemennt (ICEITEMS 2019 NOV. 8th&9th 2019)
  1. Best NSS volunteer from MHRD, Govt .of India
  2. Appreciation from Oxford University, London
  1. Oxford University press Pretesting Research Partner