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Dr. M. Dinesh kumar

Assistant Professor

Educational Background:

Post Doc:  Universidad a Distancia De Madrid (UDIMA) Spain -Department of Education-Applied Mathematics

Ph.D.: GITAM University,2020-2023.

M.Sc.: SV University, 2017-2019.

B.Sc.: SV University, 2014-2017.

JNTU Faculty ID:3468-230725-093633

Contact Number: +91-7095950304

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H-Index: 03

I-10 Index: 03


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Scopus Author ID:57221309196

Web of Science Researcher ID: AGZ-8794-2022 


Teaching Experience – 4 years

Research Experience – 3
Total Experience –7 years


                         Fluid dynamics is my area of expertise. My PhD dissertation research focuses on “Lie Group Transformations on Conducting Flows with Suspended Hybrid Nanoparticles”. Nanotechnology is modifying matter at a size close to the atomic level to create novel structures, materials, and gadgets; Technology offers to enhance science in various fields, including medicine, consumer goods, energy, materials, and manufacturing.Research interests are Numerical simulations of heat transport, nonlinear dynamics, mesoscopic/macroscopic formulations, and multiscale computational techniques. Entropy analysis, hybrid models, discretization techniques, particle physics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many mathematical combinations

  1. Assistant Professor – BVRIT, Narsapur(2023- Till now)
  2. Teaching Assistant:GITAM University,Bengaluru (2021-2023(June))
  3. Guest Lecturer:Government Degree College,Rly Kodur (2020-2021)
  4. Degree Lecturer:Sri Sai Degree College,Chitvel (2019-2020)


  1. Linear and quadratic convection on 3D flow with transpiration and hybrid nanoparticles, 2022.
  1. Nonlinear movements of axisymmetric ternary hybrid nanofluids in thermally radiated expanding or contracting permeable Darcy Walls with different shapes and densities: Simple linear regression, 2022.

3.Nonlinear Boussinesq and Rosseland approximations on 3D flow in an interruption of Ternary nanoparticles with various shapes of densities and conductivity properties,


4.Non-Linear Dynamic Movements of CNT/Graphene/Aluminium oxide andCopper/Silver/Cobalt Ferrite Solid Particles in a Magnetized and Suction-Based Internally Heated Surface: Sensitivity and Response. Surface Optimization, 2022.

5.Uniform structure of solid hybrid particles and Fourier flux on MLR significance of dualdynamical jumps on MHD flow in a suspension of nanoparticles: Lie Group similarities

6.Dual dynamical jumps on Lie group analysis of hydro-magnetic flow in a suspension ofdifferent shapes of water-based hybrid solid particles with Fourier flux.

7.Response surface methodology optimization of dynamical solutions of Lie group analysis fornonlinear radiated magnetized unsteady wedge: Machine learning approach (gradient descent).


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2014-17- In my B.SC (MSCs) Degree for the academic 2014-2017, am 3rd meritorious student from SV Arts College, Tirupati, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India.

2017-In SVU PGCET secured 15th rank.

2023-one of my research article listed as the top cited article list in Web of Science. (