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Dr R Aneela

Assistant Professor. Basic Sciences & Humanities

Ph.DMaterials Engineering – 2020, University of Hyderabad (HCU), Hyderabad
M.Tech. Materials Engineering – 2014, University of Hyderabad (HCU), Hyderabad
M.Sc. Physics – 2008, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur

Teaching Experience – 1 year

  • Material Processing and Characterization
  • Synthesis of Nano particles and composite films

  1. Aneela, V. V. S. S. Srikanth “Thermodynamic aspects of co-formation of different condensed phases from CH₄-WCl₆ gas mixtures diluted in H₂”, Applied Physics A 124: 638 DOI: 10.1007/s00339-018-2052-0 (2018).
  2. Anilkumar, R. Aneela, V. V. S. S Srikanth “Construction of phase diagrams for AlxHfNbTaTiZr refractory high entropy alloy”Trans. Ind. Ins. Met. 71 901-907 (2017).
  3. Aneela, P.L. Praveen, D.P. Ojha“Computational analysis of liquid crystalline Biphenyl cyclohexane Derivatives: Estimation of configurational entropy and phase stability” Journal of Mol.Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 557, 90-101 (2012).
  4. Aneela, P.L. Praveen, D.P. Ojha. “Role of configurational entropy on ordering and phase organization of nematic liquid crystals – A Molecular model” Journal of Mol. Liq.166, 70-75 (2012).
  5. Aneela, D.P. Ojha.“Solvent effects on phase stability of a nematogen – A Molecular level approach” Journal of Mol.Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 562, 114-122(2012).
  1. “Thermodynamic optimization of diamond-WC co-formation” -International symposium for research scholars on metallurgy, material science and engineering (ISRS-2014), IIT Madras, 11-14th December-2014 (Poster presentation)“Effect of temperature and pressure on Diamond-WC Co-formation from H2-CH4-WCl6 Gas
  2. “Construction of phase diagrams for AlxHfNbTaTiZr refractory high entropy alloy” – International conference on advanced functional materials (ICAFM-2017), RGUKT Basar, 18-19th December-2017 (Oral presentation).
  3. “Understanding phase stability and thermodynamic behavior of AlxHfNbTaTiZr refractory high entropy alloy using FACTSAGE software”-International conference on composite materials (ICCMS-2017), IIT Hyderabad, 27-29th December-2017 (Oral presentation).
  4. Participated “International workshop on High Entropy Materials” (IWHEM-2017) at University of Hyderabad during 11-12th March-2017