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Dr T. Vamshi Prasad

Assistant Professor

Ph. D : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University JNTUH, Hyderabad (2022).
M.Tech (2008-2010): VIT Vellore, Tamil Nadu.
M.Sc (2004-2006):Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Teaching Experience: 10 Years

Contact: +91-9030933596

Scopus Author ID: 57209329744
Faculty Registration ID: 39150407-154430
AICTE Faculty Id: 1-2510812633

  1. Adhoc Lecturer-1 yr., Jawarlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUH) – Hyderabad. (2013 to 2014)
  2. AssistantProfessor,RRSEngineering College Patancheru (2014-2019)
  3. AssistantProfessor,St. Martin’s Engineering College, Secunderabad(2020-2022).
  4. Assistant Professor,BVRITN(2022-Till date)
  • My current interest relates to the Microwave Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Hydrogen bonded Polar Binary Liquid Systems. Study of molecular interaction of pure liquids in a polar or non-polar medium is a challenging task as liquid is the least understood state of matter. Hydrogen bonding is complex in the liquid state due to uncertainty in identifying the particular bonds and the number of molecules involved. Since the biological liquids (proteins) contains –OH, C=O, N-H as a functional groups.

  • The hydrogen bonding between the functional groups –OH, C=O, N-H plays an important role in the biological activity of the system. The interaction of electrical energy with matter is determined by the electromagnetic properties of the material. On a macroscopic scale under steady state conditions, these properties are conventionally described by the permittivity and permeability of the material.Measurement of complex dielectric permittivity of polar liquids such as alcohols, aldehydes, amines and the biological samples in the microwave frequency region using different microwave techniques such as waveguide, cavity perturbation and open ended coaxial probe technique in the frequency region of 10 MHz to 60 GHz with temperature variation.
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  • Vamshi Prasad, Dr P. Nageswar Rao and K. Ramesh Babu “Engineering Physics”, Seven Hills International Publishers (Spectrum Education), ISBN: 978-93-88096-40-9, (2020).
  • Vamshi Prasad and Venkanna Kanneboina “Applied Physics Lab Book”, Seven Hills International Publishers (Spectrum Education), ISBN: 978-93-82829-20-1, (2020).
  • “Investigation of Temperature-Dependent Volumetric, Acoustic, Refractometry, Dielectric Relation, Thermodynamic, and DFT Studies of L-Alanine in an Aqueous Medium”.

    Volume 77. ISBN: 979-8-88697-574-1, 2023.Book Chapter Published in Advances in Chemistry Research
  1. Venkanna K, T. Vamshi Prasad, Dr. P. Nageswara Rao, Dr A Rambabu, Mr Ashok Ande, Mr B. Narasimha

        Advanced Designing of Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells and Studying their Performance. Patent Number: 202241012863.

       2. Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy of L-Alanine Aqueous Solution: Analysis of Dispersion and The Contribution of Bound Water.
            Dr. T. Vishwam, T. Vamshi Prasad, V Manjula, Dr. V.R.K. Murthy
            Patent Number:202241026591 A