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Dept. of CSBS: One-day workshop on “Cyber Security: A Hands-on Approach” on 06-10-2023

The Department of Computer Science and Business Systems   is organizing a One-day workshop on Cyber Security: A Hands-on Approach by Harish S A, IIT Hyderabad which is scheduled on 06-10-2023 to provide great exposure and hands-on training on Cyber Security to the students by involving them in practical applications. This Workshop aims to stimulate the intensity and need of Cyber Security among the students and the main motivation is to create awareness on Computer Security, Cryptography, Digital Money, Secure Protocols and Security Techniques. This Workshop is designed to give Techniques and hands- on Experience on IT Systems Security & Infrastructure, Monitoring Potential Threats and Attacks and implementing Security solutions.

Resource Person Details:

Resource Person



Harish S A

Ph.D Scholar(PMRF)

Indian Institutes of Technology,  Hyderabad

All the participants of the workshop will gain knowledge on cyber security attacks and preventive measures, able to develop applications/projects with vulnerabilities. Participants will gain practical knowledge on how attacks can be done and various preventive measures.

This seminar is a part of the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme. A Participation certificate will be issued for all participants.

Thanks and regards

Dr.K  Bhima – Coordinator
Dr.K Dasaradha Ramaiah- Convener

Dr. Sanjay Dubey- Principal
Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad- Director