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ES – Research and Funded Projects

Funded Project 1 Funded Project 2 Short Term Training Program MODROBS Funded Project 2 Funded Project 3 Funded Project 4 Funded Project 5 Funded Project 6 Funded Project 7 Funded Project 8 Sponsored Brainstorming Meeting Sponsored Staff Development Program Area of the project : Performance Evaluation of DGS based Circular Polarized Multiband antennas for Defined […]

ES – Consultancy Projects

S.No Project Title Duration Funding Agency Year wise Grant Total Grant Amount(Rs.Lakesh ) Status 1 Automatic Defects detection of Ceramic tiles 24 months Anjani Tiles Limited 2019-2022 Rs.2,35,100 Completed 2 Design& Development of DPR 31.5KW Solar Energy System 12 months Raja Rajeshwari Educational 2019-2020 Rs.4,93,000 Completed 3 Implementation of Solar Dash Board 12 months Avghni […]

ES – Teaching Learning Practices

Teaching Learning Practices 22-23           K-Map Grouping Explained By Using Color Balls & Tiles On The Floor Description of Activity: Conducted Group activity by taking the concept of K-Maps. In this activity students have involved to do the grouping. We used colour balls to represent logic values and Tiles as a 2 variable, 3 variable, […]

ES – Curriculum

R22 Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2022-2023) M.Tech (Embedded Systems) – View R20A Regulations (with Amendments), Course Structure and Syllabus – (wef Academic Year 2021-22) M.Tech (Embedded Systems) – View R20 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2020-2021) M.Tech (Embedded Systems) – View R18 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2018-2019) M.Tech (Embedded […]

ES – Laboratories

Sl. No. Name of the Laboratory Specialized Equipment Name Equipment details Utilization details from the perspective of PO attainment I Sem 1. Embedded Programming Language Lab Hardware: 8051 Development Boards Software: Keil  C51 UTS MC7 KITS   MicroVISION5-C51 PO4, PO5, PO6     PO4, PO5, PO6 2. Embedded Computing Lab Hardware: ARM Development Boards Software: […]

ES – Publications

Academic Year Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide Project title Remarks 2021-22 20211D5502 Ashok Nenavath Dr.Syed Abudhagir Highly sensitive Deep Learning Model for Road Traffic Sign Identification Published a paper in Scopus indexed journal Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications 20211D5507 S Monica Dr.Shaik Shafi Machine Learning and Trust Based AODV Routing […]