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Valuation Procedure

Valuation Procedure For Semester End Exam (R14,R15,R18) Double evaluation for End Semester Examination introduced. Theory End Semester answer scripts will be evaluated independently by internal and external examiner. Lab exams will be conducted involving internal and external examiners. The Controller of examination in consultation with the Principal will appoint the chief examiner. Normally HOD or […]

Structure and Functions

Composition: The Principal, as the Chief Controller/ Chief Superintendent. The Controller of Examinations nominated by the Principal. Four senior faculty members of the College to be nominated by the Principal as Additional Controllers. Supporting staff such as Administrative officer, Office Assistants, Computer Programmers, Data entry Operators and helpers Controller of Examinations: Dr. Prabhakara Rao […]

Malpractice Rules

S.No IF THE CANDIDATE PUNISHMENT 1. (a) Possesses or keeps accessible in examination hall, any paper, note book, programmable calculators, cell phones, pager, palm computers or any other form of material concerned with or related to the subject of examination (theory or practical) in which he is appearing but has not made use of (material […]

Instructions to The Students

Every student shall register for the college examination of the relevant semester in which s/he to obtain promotion to the next semester. Every student who is eligible to write the examination should submit his/ her application through the Principal / HOD within two weeks after the commencement of classes or as stipulated by the college. […]

Examination Branch Contacts

Dr. Prabhakara Rao Kapula Controller of Examinations Professor, Department of ECE+91 Dr. B. Venkata Swamy Additional Controller of Examinations Associate Professor, Basic Sciences and Humanities,+91 Mr. J. Ashok Kumar Additional Controller of Examinations Assistant Professor, Department of ECE+91 Mr. M Nagaraju Additional Controller of Examinations Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering+91 […]

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars Academic Calendars of Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology, and Master of Business Administration academic year-wise are displayed below. 2023-24 2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech MBA B.Tech M.Tech […]


Note: For Full details of the results, visit college ECAP: ECAP aims at immediate availability of data in required formats that ease the work of staff and management and increase in transparency and accountability in administration. Some of the important features of ECAP are: Internet or Intranet enabled Application. User Levels with Access Rights for Data […]

Time Tables

CGPA to percentage conversion certificate – Download       10-05-2024 B.Tech IV-II Advanced Supplementary Examinations, May 2024. View       02-05-2024 B.Tech I-II Regular & Supplementary Examinations, June 2024. View 02-05-2024 B.Tech I-I Supplementary Examinations, June 2024. View       06-03-2024 B.Tech IV-II Regular & Supple Examinations, April 2024 View 06-03-2024 B.Tech IV-I […]


CGPA to percentage conversion certificate Download Instructions for Online Fee Payment through E-CAP View       13-06-2024 Revaluation/Recounting_B.Tech 4-2 advanced supplementary View       08-05-2024 B.Tech IV-II Advanced Supplementary Exam Fee Notification, May 2024 View 08-05-2024 B.Tech IV-II RCRV Notification_April 2024 View       02-05-2024 B.Tech II-II Regular (R22) Examinations, July 2024. […]