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VLSI – Consultancy Projects

S.No Project Title Duration Funding Agency Year wise Grant Total Grant Amount(Rs.Lakesh ) Status 1 Automatic Defects detection of Ceramic tiles 24 months Anjani Tiles Limited 2019-2022 Rs.2,35,100 Completed 2 Design& Development of DPR 31.5KW Solar Energy System 12 months Raja Rajeshwari Educational 2019-2020 Rs.4,93,000 Completed 3 Implementation of Solar Dash Board 12 months Avghni […]

VLSI – Research and Funded Projects

Funded Project 1 Funded Project 2 Short Term Training Program MODROBS Funded Project 2 Funded Project 3 Funded Project 4 Funded Project 5 Funded Project 6 Funded Project 7 Funded Project 8 Sponsored Brainstorming Meeting Sponsored Staff Development Program Area of the project : Performance Evaluation of DGS based Circular Polarized Multiband antennas for Defined […]

VLSI – Teaching Learning Practices

Teaching Learning Practices 22-23           K-Map Grouping Explained By Using Color Balls & Tiles On The Floor Description of Activity: Conducted Group activity by taking the concept of K-Maps. In this activity students have involved to do the grouping. We used colour balls to represent logic values and Tiles as a 2 variable, 3 variable, […]

VLSI – Curriculum

R22 Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2022-2023) M.Tech (VLSI) – View R20A Regulations (with Amendments), Course Structure and Syllabus – (wef Academic Year 2021-22) M.Tech (VLSI) – View R20 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2020-2021) M.Tech (VLSI  Design) – View R18 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (wef Academic Year 2018-2019) M.Tech (VLSI  […]

VLSI – Placements, Internships & Higher Studies

ACY Name of the Student Roll No. Company Placed             2021-22 M.D.Arfath 20211D5701 HCL PULLURI BHARGAV 20211D5702 Incise Semiconductors GARADAS MANASA 20211D5705 accenture THOKALA RAJESHWAR REDDY 20211D5708 Incise Semiconductors RAJASEKHAR REDDY 20211D5709 BITSILICA EMMADI SAICHARAN 20211D5710 DPIIND Services PVT PENDLY SAIKUMAR 20211D5712 BITSILICA SRILATHA POLICE 20211D5714 Meyvn Systems PVT LTD […]

VLSI – Publications

Student Publications S.No Student Name Roll No Title of the paper Journal/conference Name 1 K.Gopi 19211D5705 A Review paper on Optimized Reconfigurable Cell Array International Conference of Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology (ICECA)2021 2 B.Ramya 19211d5712 Implementation Of Low Power Dft For Pll Journal Of Tianjin University Science And Technology,2021   3 B. Karthik Reddy […]