CSE Curriculum

I B.Tech (Autonomous)

I Semester II Semester

English I
Mathematics I
Engineering Physics I
Mathematical Methods
Computer programming I
Engineering Drawing
Engineering Workshop
Engineering Physics Lab
Computer Programming Lab I

English II
Mathematics II
Engineering Physics II
Engineering Chemistry
Computer programming II
Engineering Mechanics
English Language Communication skills Lab
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Computer Programming Lab II


II B.Tech (Autonomous)

I Semester  II Semester

Advanced Data Structures Through C++
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Environmental Studies
Database Management Systems
Digital Logic Design
Computer Organization

Advanced Data Structures Through C++ Lab
Database Management Systems Lab
Professional Skills and Personality Development Lab

Java Programming
Probability and Statistics
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Basic Electrical Engineering
Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Java Programming Lab
Electrical and Electronics Lab
Technical Skills Enhancement Lab


III B.Tech (R13)

I Semester II Semester

Principles of Programming Languages

Open Elective
Human Values and Professional Ethics
Intellectual Property Rights and Cyber law
Disaster Management

Software Engineering
Compiler Design
Operating Systems
Computer Networks

Compiler Design Lab
Operating Systems Lab

Object Oriented Analysis and Design
VLSI Design
Network Security
Micro Processors and Interfacing
Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis
Web Technologies
Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
Web Technologies Lab


IV B.Tech (R09)

I Semester II Semester

Linux Programming
Software Testing Methodologies
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Computer Graphics

Elective - I :
Advanced Computer Architecture
Cloud Computing
Distributed Computing
Mobile Computing

Elective - II :
Design Patterns
Machine Learning
Soft Computing
Information Retrieval Systems

Linux Programming & Data Mining Lab
Case Tools & Software Testing Lab

Management Science 

Elective - III :
Web Services
Semantic Web & Social Networks
Scripting Languages
Multimedia & Rich Internet Applications

Elective - V :
Adhoc and Sensor Networks
Storage Area Networks
Database Security
Embedded Systems

Industry Oriented Mini Project
Project Work
Comprehensive Viva


M.Tech (Autonomous)

 I Semester  II Semester

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Computer System Design
Distributed Systems
Advanced Operating Systems

Elective I
Software Architecture Design Patterns
Software Process and Project Management
Advanced Data Mining

Elective II
Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

Advanced Network Programming
Grid and Cloud Computing
Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture
Advanced Databases

Elective III
Semantic Web and Social Networks
Information Retrieval Systems
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

Elective IV
Storage Area Networks
Pattern Recognition
Database Security

Web Services Lab