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CSEPG – Laboratories

PG Program Specific Lab

ACY 2022-23

Advanced Data Structure Lab

  1. Ability to select the data structures that efficiently model the information in a problem.
  2. Ability to assess efficiency trade-offs among different data structure implementations or combinations.
  3. Implement and know the application of algorithms for sorting and pattern matching.
  4. Design programs using a variety of data structures, including hash tables, binary and general tree structures, search trees, tries, heaps, graphs, and B-trees.

Database Programming with PL/SQL

  1. Implement PL/SQL Block structure
  2. Implement Control structures using PL/SQL
  3. Implement functions and procedures for real time database
  4. Apply Packages for real time Database
  5. Apply triggers for real time database

Advanced Algorithms Lab

  1. Analyse the complexity or performance of various algorithms.
  2. Infer the knowledge of Greedy paradigm to solve complex problems
  3. Determine the appropriate algorithm design strategy for solving a particular set of problems.
  4. Categorize the different problems in various classes according to their complexity.
  5. Analyse and solve computational problems using deterministic and non-deterministic algorithms

Advanced Computer Networking Lab

  1. Understand the principles and concepts of data-link & Network Layer
  2. Ability to describe the principles and mechanisms of TCP,UDP,LAN and WAN
  3. Ability to understand the principles and operation of HTTP,FTP,SMTP and POP3
  4. Ability to Explain the principles and technologies of Wireless and Mobile Technologies
  5. Apply theoretical knowledge through practical exercises and projects involving the design, implementation, and evaluation of multimedia networking applications and systems

PG Special Lab Data

Research Development Facilities

Machine Learning and Data Science Lab

It is enables students to explore the algorithms of Machine learning and Data Science and solve the problems related to recommendation systems, diagnosing diseases etc.

Tools used: Anaconda 2.3.1, Python 3.11

Emerging Technologies Lab

This lab provides computing platforms for PG students to explore the emerging technologies and provide scope of research on real time problems and provide solutions by using the tools in that respective technology.

Cloud Computing

It enables students to explore different services on Amazon cloud computing platforms through certifications and explore tools to implement those services in terms of resource management, Security , Virtualization etc.

Tools Used: Kubernetes v1.26.11,open stack

Quantum Computing:

It is used for understanding quantum mechanics, development of quantum algorithm, cutting edge technology exposure.

Tools Used: Qiskit Tool, IBM Cloud Platform

Block Chain:

This Enables students to develop the smart contract development, hands on learning of block chain tools and digital assets management

Tools Used:  Ethereum

Internet of Things Lab

This Lab is used for innovation and entrepreneurship, real world problem solving, interdisciplinary collaboration, device connectivity and communication

Tools Used: Arduino 2.2 & Raspberry  PI 4 model B, Python IDE

Specialized Equipment’s: Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi model B V 1.2, HDMI Connector, LED Display JHD 162A, RFID reader (EM-18), sensors, Relay module(DL JQC-3FC), Jumper wires, Battery connector, bulb holder, LED Lights(Red, Green, Yellow), registers (different amps), SP DC Motor, megatron V 1.0

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Lab

Importance of Lab:

This lab enables PG students to explore the advanced Technology in empowering design and development skills, user interaction and experience, virtual classroom experience, entertainment, and gaming industry skills

Tools Used: Unity RT 3D

Specialized Equipment:

One plus mobile 10R 5G,ram 8GB,ROM 128 GB,model-CPH2423,model-CPH2423,VR-oculus quest 2 all in one VR headset-128 GB with link cable and accessories

Cyber Security Lab

This Lab enables students in providing industry related certifications like EC Council, Palo Alto Cyber Security, Fortinet Fundamentals of Cyber Security, Understand the compliance and legal considerations, real world simulation of hacking the systems, vulnerabilities analysis in the network and applications.

Tools Used: Wireshark 3.6.9, Nmap(Network Mapper) 7.93, Kali linux

Virtusa COE

This lab is used for Industry Related training, skill enhancement, adoption of emerging technologies.