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National Instruments Lab

Faculty Coordinator : Dr. M C Chinnaiah

Faculty Members : Mr.E.BharathBabu, Mr.K.Rambabu, Mr.Shaik Shafi, Mr.MunnavarHussain,Mr. T P K Nandan, Mrs.M.Anusha, Ms.Haritha, Mr.K.Subhramanyam Raju

Major Hardware / Software

S.No Major Hardware / Software
1 HP Computers
6 LABVIEW 2010

Certification courses:

Funding project:

Internships Offered:
Training Offered:Out Come:Knowledge gained in respective modules
Faculty Workshops attended:
Projects 2017-18Application: Automobile, Medical Field, Internet of Things, Robot Navigation
Publications 2017-18
Special Projects / Internships 2017-18
Up Coming workshops:
Projects Selected for NI YANTRA 15

Certification course No of Certifications Year
CLAD 10+1 II Year - 5; III Year- 5; Faculty- 1
S.No Details of the Project Name of the Investigators Funding Details Duration
1 Design and Development Embedded assisted YOGA system Dr.M.C.Chinnaaiah, Dr.I.A.Pasha, Dr.Sanjay Dubey 27Lakhs 3 Years
Company Name Students
Constelli Signals Pvt. Ltd 1. P. Sai Roshan Rao (15211A04H5), 2. D.Sumanth Reddy (15211A0456)
Universal Mechatronics 1.P. Dinesh Kumar (15211A04H4), 2. T. Sai Preetham (15211A04L8)
Duration Trainers Topics
Nov 2017 – Jan, 2018 and Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 M.Anusha, Bharath Babu Basics on labview
Jan 2018 – Feb 2018 Mr. Sateesh Reddy from VI Solutions, Banglore Work shop on basics and applications of labview
26/02/2018 to-4/03/2018 Mr.Nagaraju, Senior Application Engineer, VI-solutions , Bangalore A Comprehensive workshop on NI Hardware
Feb,2018 – mar,2018 Mr. Sateesh Reddy from VI Solutions, Banglore Work shop on MYDAQ using labview tools
March-2018 Raj Kumar, VI solutions CLAD certification course
Contests/Events Participated:
No of Teams contested : 2
S.No Details of the Workshop Details of Resource Persons( In-house/Industry) Time Duration Venue No. of Faculty attended
1 Advancements in Image Processing using LabVIEW VI solutions Bangalore 12th-16th June-2017 ECAD lab, BVRITN 20
2 S-Vyasa Bangalore 27th Oct 2017 Bangalore 2
3 Intensive Training on LabVIEW - Core 1 & 2 Mr.Suresh Venkatesan, VI solutions Bangalore 14th-19th May-2018 Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad. 2
Project Code Name of the Students Name of the Project Name of the Mentor
NI0001 K.Ashritha Reddy, B.Sreeja Reddy, Vivek .T Testing and Analyzing Real Time Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Rate Using NI Lab VIEW in Humans Mr. Shaik Shafi
NI0002 N.Sai Samhitha, D.Harshini, M.Phani Rohith Embedded Assistive SMART MAT For Practicing YOGA ASANA’S. Dr. M C Chinnaiah
NI003 Sandeep.K, Supriya.P IOT Based Automatic Water usage Monitoring and Control System using LabVIEW Mr. K.Rambabu
NI004 Sai Charan.K, Surya Vamshi.C, Sachindranath Y Driver attention tracking Mr.S.Munavvar Hussain
Mr. S.Munnavar Hussain, Mr.E.Bharat Babu, Mr.Sai charan K, Mr.Surya Vamsi, Mr.Y.Sachindra Nathl, “Driver Attention Tracking” published in International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), UGC Refereed, Peer and Indexed Journal with ISSN: 2320-2882, Volume-6, Issue-2, April-2018.
Mr. K.Rambabu, Ms.P.Supriya, Mr.K.Sandeep,“IOT Based Automatic Water usage Monitoring and Control System using LabVIEW” published in International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System(IJEECS), Peer Reviewed international journal with ISSN 2348-117X, Volume-7, Issue-3, March-2018.
Mr.Shaik Shafi, Ms.K.Aashritha, Mr.T.Vivek, Ms.B.Srija Reddy,“ Testing and Analyzing Real Time Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Rate Using NI LabVIEW in Humans” presented in National Conference on “Recent Advances in Power, Industrial Drives and Energy Evolutionary Technologies(RAPIDEET-2018)” during 20th &21st April-2018.
S.No Roll No of the Student Name of the Student Project Title Guide Duration Contest / Cpmpany
1 15211A0464,15211A0492, 15211A0493, 15211A0446 GINNELA PRUDHVI RAJ, KODISETTI SAI HARIS, KODUKULA SURYA TEJ Testing and Analyzing Real Time Heart rate variability based on BCG signal using NI LabVIEW in Humans Mr. Shaik Shafi 6 Months NI-YANTRA-17
2 15211A04K1, 15211A04K2, 15211A04N3 SANJANA REDDY PATLOLLA, NIKHIL SRINIVAS, HARITHA VANNEMREDDI Emotion detection in human beings using ECG signals Mr. K. Rambabu 6 Months NI-YANTRA-17
3 14211A0451, 14211A0448, 14211A0457 K.Ashritha Reddy, B.Sreeja Reddy, Vivek .T Comparative Study of Noise Removal Algorithm for Denoising Medical Image using GAUSSIAN FILTER Through Labview Mr. Shaik Shafi 6 Months Project
4 14211A0449, 14211A0453, 14211A0408 N.Sai Samhitha, D.Harshini, M.Phani Rohith Smart Yoga Mat Dr. M C Chinnaiah 6 Months Project
S.No Details of the Training Time Duration No. of Students Benefited
1 Lab VIEW training and Interfacing with ELVIS-II, DAQs 16-02-2017 to 18-02-2017 44
Project : Development Of Hardware Efficient Algorithm For Indoor Service Environment With Ni Robot (Sbrio) by Bhuvan Teja mentored by Dr.M.C.Chinnaiah.
Project :‘Iot Based Biomedical Monitoring System Through Physiological Signals Using Labview Fpga by N.Samhitha mentored by Shaik Shafi
Project : Testing And Analyzing Real Time Visual Response Based On Ssvep Using Arduino And Labview In Humans by G.Manisha mentored by Shaik Shafi
Project :Smart Soldier Assistance Using Wsn by Jaya Sai Sri mentored by Mrs.Swetha
VALIANT (Students Technical Symposium)
Project : Bagged  Ist  Prize in the paper presentation contest titled “Prevention of SELBSTMORD using NI LabVIEW” organized by Vishnu College of Engineering (VIT) ,Bhimavaram on 6th and 7th February 2014.
Project got 5th Rank in Educators Day at Bangalore in National Instruments in 2012
Project :‘Controlling devices at distant areas without using manual switching” Ashok,Anwesha,Harish,Kashyap mentored by Mr.Sanjeev Reddy
3 Projects selected for NIYANTRA final Round
Project : walking stick stimulator’ k.Amrusha Divayasree Keerthana Farooq Shaik Farhan mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah
Project :‘An FPGA Implementation of parallel Processing Algorithm for Robotics wheelchair using NI LabVIEW ’, Srinivas, N.Jagadeesh M.kiran ,Ambica.R Dweditha mentored by Mr.M.C.Chinnaiah
Project : ‘‘A Real Time Voice Machine for Dumb using hand gestures’ M.Prasad Ambica.R Dwedita.B K.Geetha naresh B.Uday kiran mentored by Mrs.Rajakumari
1 Paper for selected for in NI 2012 Competition
Project :‘Walking Stick with Heart attack Detection’ Padma Islavth, Sreelaxmi J, Prathibha, Bharathi mentored by Indumathi