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Advanced Communication laboratory was setup as an initiation taken up by Department of Electronics and Communication, BVRITN in 2016. It is envisioned as an umbrella body, under the aegis of which all communication related activities of the Department will be coordinated. The main emphasis of the laboratory is to design and develop RF/antenna modules, radar signal processing, modulation schemes, parametric characterization of wireless modules, software defined radio applications, different wireless standards and work on research problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art of wireless systems. The vision behind is to promote and encourage student activities, research projects and relevant courses related to this field.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. B. R. Sanjeeva Reddy

Faculty Members: Dr. Jayshree Das, Mr. Ramesh Deshpande, Mr. B. Naresh Kumar, Mr. R. Ashok Kumar

Antennas Development Setup

This setup mainly focuses on design and implementation of printed microstrip patch antennas including the operations of obtaining wide band, dual band, tri band, linear and circular polarization.

S.No Major Hardware / Software Remarks
1 High frequency Laminates Used for Fabrication
2 Vector Network Analyzer Used for experimentation
3 RF Connectors Used for the feeding process


S.No Software Infrastructure Hardware Infrastructure
1 IE3D Simulator High end CPU
2 ANSYS HFSS Simulator Dielectric Substrates
3 CST Microwave Studio RF Connectors, Coaxial Probes
4 MATLAB Tool box Drilling machine, Network analyzer
5   Anechoic Chamber facility

Radar Signal processing Setup

Radar Signal processing setup deals with a High Resolution Radar (HRR) target detection system which is basically a pulse compression radar. HRR detection system is used for processing poly alphabetic signal at larger pulse compression ratio using phase coded pulse compression sequences. Using this system it is proposed to set up coincidence detection scheme to achieve effective point/distributed target detection.

S.No Major Hardware / Software Remarks
1 MATLAB Tool Box High end CPU
2 Open Source Software Transmitting and receiving horn antennas
3   Code seeker Hardware

Microwave Test bench Setup

The displayed microwave test bench setup brings out the demonstration of measuring different parameters such as VSWR, reflection coefficient, input power, output power, resonant frequency, guided wavelength, cut off wave length, input impedance, gain and beamwidth for X-band range os frequencies (8-12GHz).

S.No Major Hardware / Software Remarks
1 MATLAB Tool Box Gunn power supply
2 FEKO Software Klystron power supply
3   Slotted line section
4   Open and short lines
5   Frequency meters
6   MIPS Machine

Best paper competition award

Sanjeeva Reddy, Vijay, Ramesh Deshpande-First prize for Best paper competition award received in Indian conference on antennas & propagation (INCAP2019), Ahmedabad, India with a cash prize of Rs.7000
Vijay, IV yr ECE student awarded 3rd prize for SHAR (Satish Dhawan Space Centre)Birth Centenary celebrations at SVECW, Bhimavaram under research paper contest conducted from 21-24th Jan 2020.

Trainings Offered

IV Year

I Sem II Sem
Training on HFSS Simulator, Novel Fractal antenna designs Fabrication of antennas
Calibration process of VNA Conference paper preparation
Theory and practical importance of wearable antennas Seminar on Effective paper writing skills
Training and implementation process of RF inductors Reconfigurability methods
Evaluation of project contest, Mini project Documentation Major project documentation

III Year

I Sem II Sem
Frame work on communication systems Mini project tasks to be allotted
Methodologies and implementation techniques of OFDM system Matched filter designs of tracking radar
MATLAB Training sessions on Mini projects allotted Importance of Coupled inductors

Funding project:

Funding Agency Title of the Project Names of the Investigators Funding Amount Duration of project
SERB (India) Wearable Circular Polarized Antennas for Military Personal Applications P.I: Dr. B. R. Sanjeeva Reddy, JRF : Mr.A. Amulya Kumar Rs.44,89,610 3 years

Best Student Paper Contest:

S.No Title of the paper Authors
1 Tri band Rectangular printed microstrip and koch fractal antennas for 4G/LTE applications Durgasai teja, Rohith reddy, Gowtham. sirisha reddy, B.R.sanjeeva reddy, IA.Pasha

Faculty Publications:

S.No Title of the paper Authors Conference with dates
1 Equivalent circuit modeling of Pentagon Slot Shaped Antenna Arrays B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy IEEE I2CT 2018, held at Pune from 7&8 Apr 2018
2 Parametric analysis of dual band reconfigurable antenna for cognitive radio application Praveenkumar,Shiva Krishna, Jayshree Das Submitted to ICIIF 2018 Conference
3 Dual band CP microstrip antenna used for GPS and 700MHz applications Prasad, Dharmakiran, Ramesh deshpande Planned to Submit to a Scopus journal
4 Wide-band CLC On-Chip Band Pass Filter using passive components for Sub-THz frequency applications Nagesh Deevi Accepted for IEEE Discover 2018, Mangalore
5 Performance Analysis of Wearable antenna Array B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy, A.Amulya Kumar  

PG Student Publications:

S.No Title of the paper Authors Conference with dates
1 Performance evolution of PAPAR reduction for OFDM system using interleaving combination M.Sharath Kumar, B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy Submitted to a UGC Journal
2 Development of slant high resolution software denied radar target detection system using Labview/simulink M.Prashant Kumar, B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy Submitted to a UGC Journal


Application:Antenna Design, Antenna Testing

Batch No Name of the Student Project Title Guide
ACL0001 T. Rohith reddy, S.Sai sirisha, V. Gowtham, Ch. D. Sai Teja Koch Fractal antenna for dual band applications Dr.I.A.Pasha
ACL0002 S. Srujan, H. Sushank, Sanju Rathod Design and Testing of dual band Reconfigurable Antenna for cognitive Radio Applications Dr.B.R.Sanjeev Reddy
ACL0003 R. Shivakrishna, K. Praveen kumar Compact square reconfigurable antenna with switchable single or Triband functions Mrs.Jayshree Das
ACL0004 A.Sairam, P. Prasad, M. Dharmakiran Dual band circularly polarized microstrip patch antenna used for GPS applications Mr.Ramesh Deshpande
M.Tech (2015-17) 15211D5509   Performance Evolution of PAPR Reduction for OFDM system using ACE and interleaving combination Dr .B. R. Sanjeev Reddy

UG Student Publications:

Dr.B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy, Dr.I.A.Pasha, Mr.DS.Teja, Ms.Shirisha, Mr.Gowtham, Mr.Rohith, “Tri band Rectangular Printed Microstrip antenna for 4G/LTE applications” has received “Best Paper award” and published in Antenna Test &Measurement Society (ATMS India-18 ) pune, 6th and 7th Febraury-2018.
Mr.H.Sushank, Mr.H.Srujan, Mr.K.Sanju, Dr.B.R.Sanjeeva Reddy, “Parametric Analysis of Dual band reconfigurable antenna used for cognitive radio applications” published in RAPIDEET-2018, 2nd Annual National conference organizing by BVRIT, Narsapur during 20th and 21st April 2018

Current Projects(2017-18)

Batch No Roll No of the Student Name of the Student Project Title Guide
Batch 1 16215A0430, 16215A0420, 16215A04C3, 16215A04D8, 16215A0409 M Deepika, Sneha, Swetha, Saloomi,P Shilpa Development of High resolution measurement for cardiac diagnostic instruments Mrs. Jayshree Das
Batch 2 16215A0407,16215A04P9,16215A0431, 16215A04P1 N Sravanthi, Y Sai Krishna, K Ravali, V Dileep Raj Implementation of Reconfigurable Antennas for different wireless applications Mr. Ramesh Deshpande
Batch 3 16215A0434, 16215A0436, 16215A0435, 15211A04D5 K Raju, P Samyuktha, Ch.Amulya, A.Haripriya Design of dual band wearable antenna for body area network(Funded Project) Dr. B R Sanjeev Reddy
Batch 4 15211A04D9, 15211A04F2, 15211A04F3, 16215A0426 N Suguna, P Preetham, P Karuna, J Subhash Design of OFDM system on Software defined radio platform (TI contest 1 st round cleared) Dr. I A Pasha
Batch 5 15211A04G7, 15211A04E5, 16215A0448 P Srikanth, N Ashok, M Manjunath RF High frequency inductors Dr.Nagesh Deevi
Batch 6 16215A0440, 16215A0439, 15211A04C7 S Ravi kumar, K Aravind, Md.S. Hussain Design of coupled inductor for wireless Applications Mr. Ashok Kumar

Activities in ACL

II Year II semester

Date 9.30AM-12.30PM 1PM-4PM
16-12-2017 Basic Signal wave form characteristics Basic learning on MATLAB 2014b
23-12-2017 Characteristics of signals Signal examples on MATLAB 2014b
30-01-2018 Frame work on communication systems Basic learning on SIMULINK
06-01-2018 IE3D Hands on training Practice session
20-01-2018 IE3D examples and simulations Task allocation
27-01-2018 Vector operations of Communication systems Training on SIMULINK
03-02-2018 2D/3D Coordinate system understanding 2D/3D operators using MATLAB
17-02-2018 Mathematical operations of Electromagnetics Design examples using MATLAB
24-02-2018 Explanation on UI/GUI interface tool boxes Problem exercises using SIMULINK
03-03-2018 Power spectrum evaluation and understanding of CTS/DTS Grant Test

Activities in ACL

III Year II semester

Date 9.30AM-12.30PM 1PM-4PM
15-12-2017 Training on HFSS Simulator Hands on HFSS Simulator
22-12-2017 Novel Fractal antenna designs Hands on HFSS Simulator
29-01-2018 Mini project presentation Results verification
05-01-2018 Outcomes of the project Project Documentation
19-01-2018 Evaluation of project contest Proposal preparation
27-01-2018 Basics of Radar Signal processing Hands on MATLAB 2014b
02-02-2018 Methods in tracking radar Hands on MATLAB 2014b
16-02-2018 Matched filter designs of tracking radar Hands on NI Tool box
23-02-2018 Seminar on Performance metrics of Synthetic Aperture Radar Mini /Major Project Problem
02-03-2018 Interface design components of Radar systems Grant Test

Activities in ACL

IV Year II semester

Date 9.30AM-12.30PM 1PM-4PM
15-12-2017 Exercise on task outcomes Exercise on task outcomes
22-12-2017 Mini project Documentation Simulations model verification
29-01-2018 Literature work on Project Literature work on Project
05-01-2018 Fabrication of antennas Calibration process of VNA
19-01-2018 Seminar on Effective paper writing skills Research paper review
27-01-2018 Presentation of Mini projects Prototypes to be prepared for testing
02-02-2018 Seminar on Multi band antennas Techniques in hardware performance
16-02-2018 Testing of the prototypes to be carried Verification and comparison of simulated and measured results
23-02-2018 Paper writing to be completed Practice on TEST BED
02-03-2018 Presentations by the groups Evaluation