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1) T. Hindu I/IV B Tech Participated in a program held at Asthana Mandapam, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam On 18th July 2023.The committee members of the program awarded her with Advith Natya Prathibha Puraskar .

M. Karthik II/IV B Tech(CSBS)
Participated and won Special mention award in first edition of MUN spark, which is an intra college MUN which took place on 14th and 15th July 2023. Preparing and participating in a MUN helps students develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. The agenda was to discuss about “the illicit trade of arms and weapons of mass destruction with special emphasis on Middle East and North Africa(MENA) region“
Karthik Represented The Russian Federation and has won certificate of Achievement for his immense participation in the committee.

Y.Sneha Sree Y, ll/IV B.Tech(CSBS) served as the Vice Chairperson for United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), BVRIT MUN SPARK 2023 held on 14th and 15th July 2023.She played a pivotal part in ensuring the smooth functioning of the committee and fostering an intellectually stimulating and constructive environment. Sneha Sree took on the responsibility of moderating the flow of debates within the committee, carefully orchestrating discussions on critical human rights issues. She further explained delegates about MUN procedures and guided them to improve their research strategies, diplomacy and public speaking skills. She is delighted in having gaining the opportunity and mentoring first-timers.

Akhila joshi I/IV B.Tech Participated in intra college MUN-DISEC of agenda ” Illicit trade of arms and weapons of mass destruction with special emphasis on middle eastern and north African region (mena)” as the delegate of Pakistan. Akhila was one of the top 12 delegates in the MUN SPARK.

Pavithra, I/IV B.Tech (CSBS) in BVRITN. she is  interested in developing an app related to health care and starting a business. Aside from academics, she enjoys writing articles, blogs, photography of nature and participating in events such as NSS(volunteer) and student report writer, which have provided her with valuable experiences in leadership, teamwork, event management skills.  she  explores  new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. She always strived to maintain balance between academic and extracurricular activities, ready  to travel whenever the chance comes. Travelling allows her  to learn about new cultures and broaden horizons. She is  dedicated and curious student who embraces challenges with a positive attitude.

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Sarayu, III/IV B.Tech (CSBS) in BVRITN, Participated the All India fencing south west zone selections in Aurangabad MGM university Maharashtra and got selected in Sabre team event ranked at position top 8th.
 Got selected to All India fencing championship final Gurunaank Dev University Amristar Punjab from 13-15 January 2024.

7) Journey to Success: District Level Declamation Competition.

Rini Ruha , II/IV B.Tech (CSBS) in BVRITN, Participated in  the vibrant educational landscape of Medak district, BVRIT College recently organized a thought-provoking competition that brought together students from various schools to showcase their oratory skills. The district-level declamation competition, held with the theme “My Bharat Viksit Bharat @2047,” aimed to encourage young minds to reflect on the future of our nation.

Naser Ali , IV/IV B.Tech (CSBS) in BVRITN, got 914 Rank in gate exam(2024) in DA(Data Science and Artificial Intelligence). 

Deepak and Srujay ,II/IV B.Tech (CSBS) in BVRITN, reflecting our successful participation in the prestigious event, Promethean, held on December 22nd and 23rd, 2023. Among the highlights, our department is immensely proud of the outstanding achievement of our second-year CSBS students, Deepak and Srujay, in the Ideathon—a competition designed for pitching innovative ideas. Demonstrating exemplary creativity and strategic insight, Deepak and Srujay clinched the first prize, accompanied by a cash reward of 10,000 rupees. This accolade not only showcases the exceptional talent within our student body but also sets an inspiring benchmark for future endeavors.

PALS INNOWAH 2024 Competition initiated by pals , IIT Madras.

Theme of the year 2023-24:  Startup Solutions for Sustainability Challenges .

Team Name: Synergy

Guide: Dr. U. Ganesh Naidu

Team Members:

Anantham Akshaya

Bandi Sathvika

Adike Shivani

Parcha Kathyayani

Anumula Akshaya