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S.NoRoll. NoName of The StudentName of the guideProject title
120211D0701AKHILRAJ BAPANPALLY Mr. D Gireesh KumarPower optimization scheme in electrical vehicle using induction motor based FOPID control strategy. 
220211D0702BABITHA AUSALI Mr V DhanunjayaHybrid energy management based intelligent ANFIS control for smart DC micro grid.
420211D0704MATEEN MOHAMMED Dr S SaravananFuzzy logic control of switched reluctance motor for electric vehicle applications.
520211D0705NIKITHA VELPULA Mr.G. Anjith KumarDetection of metallic particle dynamics in compressed SF6 insulated systems under different voltages.
620211D0706RACHEL DASARI Mr K RamakrishnaSolar powered off-board smart charging station for electric vehicles based on artificial neural network technology.
720211D0707RAJESHWARI K Dr N BhoopalHarmonic mitigation of hybrid multi level inverter fed PV/ wind system
820211D0708RAVINDHARNAIK BHUKYAMr. S SrinivasuA novel z-source and quasi z source inverter dual switching frequency modulation.
920211D0709SOUMYA A Dr K RayuduSolar PV battery charger for electric vehicles by using SEPIC converter and BIDC with FOPID controller
1020211D0710SRIKANTH SOUDAPUMr Y Vijay KumarA new control algorithm for grid connected multi function 1-ph PV battery system.
1120211D0711SUBHANSINGH RAMAVATH Mr. K. MaheshRenewable Energy based Micrgrid System Sizing And Energy Management For Green Buildings
1220211D0712SUMALATHA KELUTH Mr K SanthoshPower control scheme of variable speed motor using FLC for EV applications.
1320211D0713SUSHMA DHARMARAM Mr A MuraliPower balance in both RL & RC loads with F –P/Q droop control in a cascaded type micro grid.
1420211D0714YATISH CHANDRA SAI Mr R MuneeswarEnhancement of power quality in renewable smart grid through power factor correction using ANFIS controller.
S.NoRoll. NoName of The StudentName of the guideProject title
119211D0701DHUMALE SOWMYAMr. K. MaheshDesign of single and multi-level DC-DC power converters for Electric Vehicles
219211D0702THOKALA HARIKAMr. J BangarrajuShunt active power filter based fuzzy logic control in grid connected PV systems
319211D0703CHERIYALA NAGARAJUMr B RavinderBidirectional dc-dc converter with PV integrated real battery energy storage for HV system.
419211D0705BASHAMAINA PRASHANTHMr A MuraliANN based battery charging circuit and estimation of voltage ripple controller for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
519211D0706NERANDLA RAMAKANTH GOUDMr. K. RamakrishnaIsolated PV battery control system for house hold appliances
619211D0707K SAHITHIMr P ChandrababuReliability oriented maintenance and scheduling of inverter considering machine profile for PV application
719211D0708ANDRELLY SHRUTHIMr K SanthoshHigh resolution based damage identification in poly phase asynchronous motor using Gabor transformer of stator current.
819211D0709METHRI CHARITHAMr. A Vijay KumarDemand-side control by deep education for smart electric vehicle charging
S.NoRoll. NoName of The StudentName of the guideProject title
118211D0701M. AparnaDr K RayuduPerformance evaluation of grid connected PV systems considering installation sites 
218211D0702Y GayathriMr D Gireesh KumarAnalysis on enhanced phase locked loop in voltage synchronization applications
318211D0703Vankadara Lakshmi KavyaMr K RamakrishnaOptimal placement of capacitor in radial distribution system using multi objective BA/CS algorithm
418211D0704Arekatika Laxmikanth RaoDr C Subba Rami ReddyPerformance analysis of conventional and impedance source DC-DC converter for PV applications using Matlab
518211D0705Mohammed Adil Aqthar Mr. T RambabuTeaching learning based optimization algorithm for different economic dispatch ploblems
618211D0706Muqthar AhmedMr. K. SanthoshFPPT based constant power in grid connected PV system
718211D0707Garela NareshMr. A ChandrasekharControl and operation of multiple parallel connected wind generators
818211D0708Gugloth RaghuramMr S SrinivasuInstantaneous power theory based D-Statcom Power quality development
918211D0709Saini RajeshMr J BangarrajuPerformance Analysis of dynamic voltage restorer under sag and swell conditions
1018211D0710B SachinMd Jani PashaPerformance analysis of D-STATCOM under sag and load change conditions
1118211D0711Akula SravaniMr. K MaheshA Control strategy applied to wind and PV hybrid renewable energy systems
1218211D0712Gujjari SrujanaMr. P ChandrababuA New multilevel PV inverter topology for 3-ph grid connected PV applications
1518211D0715Paramjeet KumarMr. A Vijay KumarGWO based MPPT controller for power quality in a grid connected PV system
1818211D0718D. GopinathMr. K. MaheshPV STATCOM for power oscillation  damping by using fuzzy logic controller.