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Mrs. B. Sirisha

Assistant Professor

(Ph.D).from GITAM UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad 2019

M.Sc.from Acharya Nagarjuna University-2009

B.Sc. From Acharya Nagarjuna University-2007

Teaching Experience – 14 years

BVRIT Employee ID: 724
Contact: +91 9494057272
Employement Status: JNTUH Ratified
JNTUH Registration ID: 1463-160215-140048


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Scopus Author ID:58514992300

  • Organic Chemistry
  • General Chemistry
  1. Attended Workshop on Engineering Chemistry in Daily life organized by VJIT,Hyderabad.
  2. Attended Faculty Development Program on Teaching Skills organized by Lords Engineering College, Hyderabad.
  3. Modern technologies on solid and sewage waste treatment organised by chemical department BVRIT,Narsapur2018
  4. multidimensional competencies of professional teacher organised byMBA department,BVRIT,Narsapur 2018
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  5. Synthesis, characterization and photoluminescence study of Nd3+/Ho3+ doped GdPO4 nanomaterialsGirija Venkateswara Koneru1, Sirisha Bandi1,2, Kolipaka Anjali Reddy1, Lakhyajit Dutta1, Venkata
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