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Dr. B Venkata Swamy

Associate Professor

M.Sc.Environmental Science from Kakatiya University, Warangal-2001
M.Tech.-Bio-Technology from JNTU Hyderabad-2008
Ph.D.Bio-Technology from JNTU Hyderabad-June-2016

Teaching Experience – 20years

BVRIT Employee ID: 167
Contact: +91 9948700314
Employment Status: JNTUH Ratified
JNTUH Registration ID: 09150403-174809

  • Environmental Science and Biotechnology
  • Membrane technology and Energy resources
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  1. Dr. B. Venkata Swamy – Principal Investigator of DST Project, entitled “Cluster Method for Improving Vegetable Farming practices for Enhanced Vegetable Production for Sustainable Livelihoods among Rural Women In selected Mandals of Medak Dist Andhra Pradesh”.
  • Ref: Project File No: SEED/WS/025/2013
  • Total Amount Sanctioned: 36.03, 840/-
  • Project Period: 2 Years (21-01-2016 to 20-01-2018)
  • Status of the Project: Completed

  • As a Co-Principal Investigator for DST SEED funded “Rural Women Technology Park at      Vishnupur village, Narsapur Mandal, Medak dist Telangana” project sanctioned in 2016 with file no. SEED/WTP/120/2015.  
  1. ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK BASED BRAIN DISORDER DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM Patent number: 202141041677 A Date of Filing 9/7/2021 Publication Date 8/25/2021 Indexing International
  2. IOT INTEGRATED PLANT DISEASE DETECTION USING DEEP CNN AND TRANSFER Patent number: 202141041677 A Date of Filing 15/09/2021  Publication Date 1/10/2021 Indexing National